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RentRoom.com is a platform which enables you to rent or rent out a single room or the entire house temporarily. As you move out of your space due to any reason, immediately finding a place isn’t possible. For that reason, one needs a service like Rent Room to pass the days temporarily or rent a place out as well.


What to Know If It’s Your First Time On Rent Room As a Tenant?

Renting a room for yourself can be quite a challenge. But if you know the drill and research, things won’t be as difficult.

  • Check out the neighborhood and surrounding vicinity to know if the place satisfies your needs or not. Try to figure out the facilities of transport around. If you’re someone who has to travel and go through a daily commute, make sure you rent a place close to the station.
  • Know your budget. Know what you can easily afford. Research about your exact needs and wants. After that, calculate the cost and see if it’s in your budget or not. Want a room or a full house all to yourself? You can easily figure it out if you know your budget and requirements. This is how you’ll be able to pin-point your exact requirements and eventually rent the right place.
  • Talk to people who’ve lived in that same place before. Get to know their experience with the place. Know what were the offerings and facilities like.
  • See pictures of the place available on the site. Read reviews online regarding the room and its facilities, value for money etc. before you move in for some days.

What to Expect If It’s Your First Time As a Room Owner?

If it’s your first time renting a room out, you need to beware of certain tenants which may cause trouble to you and your property.

  • Noisy tenants who tend to make a lot of noise and cause disturbance to you. The situation may befall you even more if you live in the same property as the tenant. Beware of renting your place out to such tenants.
  • Pet lovers who have loads of pets in their house. These tenants usually do not pay attention towards the furniture etc. and let their pets to do whatever they want to the furniture. It is a big lose-win situation. So, one should be beware of such tenants.
  • Rent room can be a really good service if you do the due investigation on your part regarding the prospective tenants.

Customer Feedback:-

1) “I could find an ideal roommate to share a flat with during my studies in London. It’s swift, reliable and easy.”

-Michael Helt, student.

2) “I have used the service four times to find my roommates and I always found someone really helpful and amiable to share my flat with.”

-Lucy Cad, manager.

Final Assessment

Given the pros and cons of Rent Room, one can surely use this service at ease. The only requirement is to research thoroughly in both cases: as a tenant and owner.


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