Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Getting Plastic Surgery


In this day and age, while everyone is accepting themselves and others for how they look and who they are, there are people who still want to get their features altered. It is not to please their boyfriend, it is not to please the society and look more acceptable, it is mostly to please themselves and feel good about themselves. However, plastic surgery has certain risks and dangers associated to it. Looking at various actor’s and actresses’ plastic surgeries, you may get encouraged to do the same to yourself. However, remember that plastic surgery is not for everyone. Always take your time.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before considering plastic surgery. Your decision should be a solid one, one that you wont regret:

  • Your Growth Spurt

Your growth spurt basically means that your body keeps on changing. Maybe you increased in height or decreased in weight. Maybe your breasts increased in size. If your body keeps growing and changing, plastic surgery may not be a good option for you as your body needs to remain in the same way for at least a year.

  • What is it That You Want From The Surgery to Correct?

If you choose to get plastic surgery, you should get it to make your life easy by fixing an issue and normalizing it. Do not choose plastic surgery if you just want to enhance your features. For example, if you want a breast reduction to help you relieve of the pain and discomfort, you are good to go. However if you’re choosing plastic surgery only to make yourself feel better, avoid it at all costs. Plastic surgery does not fix self esteem issues and it is not the answer to it. You may end up regretting it. Think it through.

  • Why Do You Want Plastic Surgery

Never choose plastic surgery if you want to fit in with a club or a group of friends or to please a boyfriend. Those things don’t last and you may end up regretting the surgery. If you absolutely want plastic surgery, make sure that you get it BECAUSE you want to do it for yourself and that you have been wanting it since a long time.

  • Unrealistic Expectations

Going into plastic surgery hoping to look like Angelina Jolie or Emma Watson is a big red flag. This is because even many plastic surgeons say that they cannot make you look like the exact replica of a particular person. They can only work with what you have already got. So think thoroughly before considering plastic surgery.

  • The Risks

Plastic surgery is not easy and not that safe either. In serious cases, people can even die. It is rare but it can happen. The most common risks associated with plastic surgery are infections, bleeding, scarring and blood clots. You need to have a healthy lifestyle. If you are a smoker then do not even consider plastic surgery.

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