Mykonos – A Perfect Holidays Destination

Mykonos, like Galapagos,  is a perfect hiking destination and we will make your trip even more important by providing you with the most restrictive and official places to stay. Combined with beautiful coastlines, crystal clear blue waters, luxurious pools and breathtaking views of the phenomenal city (not as good as the one you get from the top of the Kilimanjaro, but well…), our luxury villas in Mykonos will make your trip a pleasant and unforgettable experience.

The Ace VIP team offers the best luxury villa in Mykonos suitable for any type of event you organize, whether it is a festival, a party or a family outing. We offer villas in more than 32 different areas in Mykonos.

If you stay here, you’ll learn why people like to visit this island. Relax and lie by the pool while enjoying a quiet, peaceful and sentimental day on the best beaches of Mykonos. This, as well as the breathtaking food put together by experienced gourmet specialists to give you the opportunity to relax on the one hand.

Okay, like a downtown villa or something more private with a private coastline and a pier? Mykonos Villas are perfect for elegant and luxurious parties and not just for important occasions and meetings. Enjoy a romantic evening in one of our unbridled villas and castles with an extraordinary perspective from exceptional areas like Mykonos. You will have the opportunity to take a trip to a fantastic villa and spend a great time with family and fellow travelers.

Here in Mykonos Greece all climate zones can be pampered with the most enjoyable meeting of travelers. You will feel at home. Rent a luxury villa in Mykonos Greece for an ideal experience.

The advantageous administrations integrate a daily cleaning management that does not disturb the population that lives in the villa and is completely attentive. Bed linen, towels and sheets are changed from week to week, which also guarantees a high quality cleaning service with registration and recording techniques. The caretakers will fill the pool water every day to ensure a perfect and sterile life.

Requests can be made from a wide point of view, as it is possible to organize basic food and maintain the kitchen without reservation. A private gourmet expert will be given to each villa, which is another reward and a consolation, and will have delicious dinners ready for the villagers to save them from inconvenience when they are not needed.

In case you go with family and companions, you will have a great time when no minute is wasted. We turn your trip into a breathtaking experience.

The VIP Ace is an exceptional administration, where you can discover everything in one place. Rent a vehicle, helicopter or yacht to explore the fascinating island of Mykonos; if you travel with us, you will not miss the unparalleled views and holiday destinations. Whether you’re exploring or with the Ace, VIP will guide you to fun exercises such as water dressing and boating.


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