Is Marriage Counselling Helpful?

Every single couple that falls in love and decides to take the plunge into marriage thinks the same thing at one point: “We’re not like those other couples. We won’t fight as much, and we’re not getting a divorce; we’re forever!” Unfortunately, a solid half of all of those couples end up filing for divorce. Generally speaking, this leads to financial stress for one or both spouses, broken homes with distressed children, and other serious issues. Marriages are bonds around which families and lives are built, and so having a marriage fall apart can start a cascading event of everything else falling apart.

This is why so many different couples turn to marriage counselling for help. The sort of help you can find at LionheartPsychology.ca is a boon for the cause of family, and it might be the thing that helps you to save a failing marriage. Is this sort of counselling helpful? This is a complicated question that deserves far more than a “yes” as a response. So, to really help you understand how counselling could help, let’s speak about how it helps married couples.


5 Ways a Marriage Counselor Can Help Your Relationship


1: Moving Past the Bad Part

The first way counselling helps you is to get you over the hump. You would be shocked to learn how one single bad event in a marriage can really put the brakes on the relationship. Couples who can’t move past the bad never reclaim the good, and they end up getting divorced. A marriage counsellor can help couples identify this event and speak about it in a non-judgmental way that allows each party to move past it and get back to the good parts about being a couple.


2: Rebuilding Trust

Another way that marriage counselling helps couples is that it rebuilds trust. Almost every couple that files for divorce has trust issues of some kind. They run the gamut of all sorts of different things that have happened to break that trust. From infidelity and reckless spending to all manner of lies and deception, a qualified counsellor can help couples rebuild this trust, step by step, and to understand that the parties truly do love each other and actually want to be trusting and confident in their spouse.

An interracial married couple talks to a therapist together about their life. The Asian woman conveys her problems to the woman.

3: Recognizing Why You Married to Begin With

What made you fall in love with your spouse, to begin with? There was a time where you loved your spouse more than anything else in the world and a time where they felt the same about you. Something happened at some point that really changed all of that. A qualified counsellor can help you to recognize the qualities that made you fall in love in the first place. This is something that’s often lost and abandoned by couples on the brink, but there is help out there.


4: Learning to Communicate

Communication is key in any working relationship. The shame of it here is that couples know exactly how to communicate. When they were just dating and in love, they communicated very well. This is how they knew they wanted to get married and to take that plunge. Somewhere along the way, the lines of communication were blocked or severed. A good counsellor helps couples to reopen those lines and to speak and communicate with each other again truly.


5: Reigniting that Spark

If you have ever heard the term “loveless marriage,” then you might be aware that the fire of passion can die out. Passion isn’t only sexual intercourse. It can often be as simple as finding your partner truly attractive, to the point it mentally stimulates and invigorates you. When this is lost, it’s hard to find again. A qualified counsellor can help both parties in a marriage by reigniting that spark of love and passion that was once so noticeable in the marriage.

The bottom line is that a qualified marriage therapist can really help you and your partner rediscover what it was you loved about each other in the first place. It’s such a shame to see what happens when families break apart. Working with a counsellor to keep your marriage intact could end up being the best choice you ever made.


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