Increase Your Site visibility by optimizing speed

While a good design, visual theme, accessibility, user navigation and crisp content are key elements for a good website, one thing people tend to overlook is the loading speed. In the digital age, time is the only luxury.


Website Speed is a ranking factor

Today’s digital target audience is very impatient. Consumers don’t give second chances to websites that take forever to load or are not accessible from a diverse range of devices, specifically mobile phones. Considering this, it is imperative to ensure that your website is well-equipped in this capacity. A good speed not only ensures a good customer engagement but it is also crucial for the SEO ranking of your website.

Web speed is so crucial that google has designated it as a proper constituent for ranking. In fact poor loading time is the biggest contributor to issues like webpage abandonment.

According to SEO experts and google representatives it is crucial to equip your website with the best possible speed to ensure better ranking. Better speed is also essential for the following reasons

  • Fast loading sites have a higher conversion rate
  • Fast sites are easier to crawl
  • Improves audience engagement
  • Reduces bounce rate
  • Helps build a better brand image

First impression is the last impression

When it comes to websites it is essential to make sure that you are able to generate a higher conversion rate. While a good design can help attract consumers, an inept speed can eradicate any chances for them to stay. This specifically acts crucial when you are trying to engage with new consumers and build a better SEO ranking. If your website is rich with visual content such as videos, graphic and photos. It is not only important but advisable to optimize your content to maximize load speed.


Fast loading sites lead to a higher conversion rate

As a business you should be focusing on providing the best service in your niche. This means being better than your competitors at everything, especially site speed. Site speed plays an important part in cultivating a higher conversion rate. This proportionally affects your bounce rate. Reducing bounce rate can exponentially help grow your business by increasing the chances of revenue generated via leads. A higher conversion rate means better engagement with your audience and more visibility for google to notice your site. This could especially be helpful if you want to avoid hurting your search engine ranking.


Loading time influences crawling

Crawling is crucial when it comes to your SEO ranking. If google is unable to crawl your website it could be due a couple of technical reasons, especially site speed. If your website hosts too much data or lacks optimization, google will eventually end up ignoring your website which will naturally affect your SEO Ranking.

In order to ensure that your website runs smoothly and works to give the best possible results it is important to invest in speed optimizing softwares. A better SEO ranking means your website is accessible to a larger audience which eventually sets you up for a successful day of business.


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