How to Dose CBD Oil

Your body weight, diet, metabolism, and genetics all affect the way hemp products interact with your body. Given the number of variables, a universal CBD dosage is impossible but buying quality CBD products is critical because in this case, price matters due to quality and extractions of CBD from cannabis plants.

Knowing exactly how much CBD to take is what guarantees its effectiveness. But this doesn’t mean that you can take large or small amounts of CBD for sale interchangeably.

Importance of the Right CBD Dosage

The flexibility of CBD means that finding your CBD dosage is a question of knowing your own body.

The “right” dosage is the amount of CBD that stimulates the desired effect on your body. This means a process of trial and error is needed before you find the amount of CBD that works for you. Knowing your preferred dosage means that you can maximize the benefits of CBD.

There is no scientific proof that CBD is harmful to women that are pregnant or nursing. Still, exercise caution and avoid its usage without medical advice.

People under the age should always consult with a physician and with their guardian before taking any CBD products. Parents should also regularly check labels as some products contain THC, which is psychoactive.

CBD Products with Set Dosage

The number of cannabinoids within CBD products vary. This means that the method you choose to consume your CBD directly affects how you process CBD.

Different products hit different pathways within the body. The total amount of CBD that enters the bloodstream is called bioavailability. A product’s bioavailability is what causes the varying serving size of different CBD products.

Sublingual products are consumed by being placed under the tongue, like CBD oil tinctures. These oils have to be held underneath the tongue for ten minutes before being swallowed. These have a bioavailability of 80%.

Edibles allow for CBD to be ingested through the digestive tract and then absorbed into the bloodstream. The CBD in edibles is in a powdered, concentrated form that is mixed into a food recipe. Most of the CBD within edibles reach the stomach and the liver first and are never absorbed into the bloodstream. This makes CBD gummies have the slowest rate of absorption with a bioavailability of 5-20%.

Both the timescale and the bioavailability of CBD products are directly related to your dosage. This is what ultimately decides how much CBD you want to take.

Buy Quality CBD Products

Another key variable in the debate of CBD dosage is product consistency. Many brands recommend excessive dosages or tout statements that have not been evaluated.

You may be increasing your dosage because your CBD product was not processed well and does not produce the desired effects. Slight variations from the recommended dosage are normal per individual. Your CBD dosage is also determined by your medical condition.

However, how your CBD product is made likewise affects its quality. Since CBD products are made from living plants, changes in the farming environment of the plant can affect the end product. This means that the water, soil, and even weather can butcher your CBD product.

After every harvest, farmers should check for pesticides, heavy metals, mold, or mildew. This is to ensure that the highest quality of CBD is used to create the product.

Take CBD responsibly. Its use is not to treat, cure or prevent serious illnesses but should be consumed as a dietary supplement.


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