Everything You Need To Know About SSD Hosting

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Solid-State Drives or SSDs for short have had a huge impact on web hosting. In fact, SSD Hosting India has become a popular option for most businesses. If you do not know much about SSD hosting, this post will help you learn more about it. Find out what makes SSD hosting a better alternative to traditional HDD (Hard Disk Drive) hosting.


So What Is An SSD?

SSD hosting plans rely on servers for storing data using SSDs. The devices make use of integrated circuit assemblies for storing data. SSDs are considered to be the biggest advancement in the field of data storage technology. They provide more reliable and a lot faster hosting for websites as compared to servers that use HDDs. You might be wondering if there is more to SSDs than just speed. But, you should keep in mind that speed itself is not an end and instead, is what offers a ton of advantages. We live in an extremely competitive world where it is crucial to have a competitive advantage over other businesses. Besides, Google claims to consider speed when ranking websites.


Advantage of SSD Hosting

If you are still unsure about opting for SSD hosting, the following advantages will help you realize its true potential.

  1. More Business

As mentioned above, speed counts because Google tends to value websites that are faster. Remember, Google aims to provide people with the best user experience and it is due to this reason that only the fastest websites appear at the top. Besides, we all prefer a fast website instead of one that is slow. A slow website would not only annoy people but also boost the bounce rate. Most businesses rely on shared servers and do not deploy SSD across the servers as it is more expensive than the existing hard drives. But, to get more business, you need to opt for SSD hosting.

  1. More Reliable and Durable

Another reason why SSD hosting is a better option is that it is more reliable. When you use a traditional hard drive, there are bound to be hardware failures. It normally has to do with the data arm or the platters. Although hard drive reliability has improved considerably in recent years, hard drives are still not as reliable as SSDs. Obviously, it is possible to mitigate the issue such as by using hot-swap disks like Redundant Array but failure is likely to occur. It does not mean that SSD is the perfect solution. SSD is a new type of storage option. If we look at the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), it is clear that SSDs last longer.

  1. Environmental Friendly

Finally, SSDs are a greener option since they require a lot less energy. They tend to consume just one-fifth of the electricity that is normally consumed by hard drives. SSDs also generate less heat.



SSDs are the future of web hosting. Its advantages over hard drives make it a better option.


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