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Penalties for DUI (Driving Under Influence) and Drunk Driving Defense can cause great distress to you and your career. With an increasing rate of road accidents in Michigan, the consequences of Drunk Driving have become strict and severe.

When arrested, several questions may come to your mind like “Will I go to jail?” “What about my driver’s license?” “Do I have to face a court trial?” etc and that’s where Criminal Defense Lawyers Grand Rapids Michigan come into the picture.

To deal with legal proceedings and documentations, it is always advisable to go for legal assistance from experts to be well prepared for everything. Drunk Driving Defence in Grand Rapids Michigan will provide you with legal aid to get you out of the trouble safely.

Let’s look into different categories of drunk driving convictions.


DUI Driving Penalties

The severity of punishment depends upon s number of factors such as your previous criminal record (if any), the circumstances under which the incident took place,etc. The punishment may vary from jail time, significant cost to community service, confiscation of driving license and probation.

However, these factors are judged by the court on the basis of the degree of DUI.


First Offense DUI

This can cost you upto $100-$500 as fine. You may also be asked to spend 360 hours of community service. Along with vehicle immobilization, one can also be asked to spend 93 days in jail. Not only this, but you maybe asked to pay $1000 as driver responsibility fee for two years under OWI (Operating While Impaired).


Second Offense DUI in case of causing death and serious injury

DUI resulting in the death of an individual comes with 15 years of imprisonment or $2500-&10,000 fine. Under rare circumstances, one may be asked to face both penalties. In case of serious injury, one may face 5 years of imprisonment coupled with a fine from $1000-$5000 dollars.

The court may also penalize by implementing revocation for upto 5 years or more. Your vehicle may also get immobilized for upto 190 days.


Third Offense DUI

This degree of DUI is laced with much harsher sanctions if one has already got two DUIs on his/ her record.

He may be imprisoned for upto 5 years. You may also be asked to stay on probation for a limited period of time as well as fine punishment ranging between $500-$5000. Other penalties like vehicle confiscation, denial of vehicle registration etc could also put onto your record.


Cost of hiring a lawyer at Criminal Defense Law Centre Michigan

The cost of hiring an attorney for a DUI case depends upon a number of factors.

According to their website, the team of Drunk Driving Defense in Grand Rapids, Michigan have predicted the cost for first offense DUI to go as high as $20,000. With OWI serious injuries, the fee could be around $80,000.

Here, their team devises different billing rates based on the expertise of the lawyer, nature of the case and the time and labor spent by the lawyer. Unlike other lawyers in Michigan, they use only flat bills.


Years of experience and reviews by their clients have added more credibility to the reputation of Criminal Defense Law Center West Michigan. The lawyers are well aware of the U.S. legal machinery and will always be with you in every step to fight your case with minimum damage.


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