Design Tips for Your Ecommerce Website

Developing a digital commerce site is complicated; it presents challenges that are sometimes impossible to prepare for in advance. Looking for information regarding the matter, there are possibilities to save you a lot of trouble and inconvenience.

In short, we will give you some tips or advice to create a Web with a practical design aimed exclusively at electronic commerce. Putting them into practice, you will know how to choose a web design agency.

Make the interface simple.

When someone searches for a product, the least they need is a website with all kinds of parameters. Instead of getting his attention, he will distract, bore, and frustrate him by not quickly getting what he is looking for. By placing a simple interface, even the most minor internet expert will get what they want.

As an extra point, we emphasize that the simple interface even facilitates the work of positioning because Google sees simplicity with good eyes.

Make use of bold colors.

Depending on the type of business you deal with on your site, use colors that attract attention or that visitors like. It is psychologically proven that colors attract certain areas of the brain; using them in your favor will attract more fixed customers.

Organize products by groups

Physical stores have a section for cleaning products, personal hygiene items, food, etc. Thanks to this order, the person can quickly buy what he needs. The same thing is necessary within the online stores: organizing the products by sections, you get efficiency in each purchase.

On the other hand, having the site organized attracts people who had no luck finding what they were looking for within another online store.

Provide multiple payment methods

It is one of the biggest problems presented by e-commerce websites. Research the means of payment that people often use on the internet and try to open an account for each method to implement them in the store.

Doing so will provide greater comfort to visitors interested in buying a specific item that has caught their attention or need.

Offers exclusive search filters

Improves results when someone uses the website’s search engine. Those not interested in reviewing the list of sections will use the magnifying glass icon. If you haven’t optimized your search filters, the visitor probably overlooks what they’re looking for.

By incorporating exclusive search filters, you will ensure that you do not miss any buyers, increasing sales.

Optimize your site for use on mobile devices

Of the 100% of people surf the internet, approximately 70% do so using a cell phone. When you get the overall content and features of the site to work efficiently on mobile, visitors will always be directed to your store because they find it convenient to buy.

It should be noted that another aspect that Google analyzes to position sites at the top is whether it is ‘optimized for mobile devices. Making such an adjustment will help the popularity and visits of the site increase.


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