COVID-19 Situation in Korea

Today, I will be talking about the COVID-19 situation in Korea.

COVID-19 pandemic is a personal tragedy as millions of people are suffering because of it. Europe is the epicenter of COVID-19, new cases and deaths are increasing every day in Spain, Germany, Italy, and France. Lockdown has been imposed in most countries.

Among this, South Korea can be seen as a sign of hope. This is because the country has slowed its epidemic without locking down the cities.

The success of South Korea holds a lesson for other countries. The experts are ready for the second wave of the virus as well.

How Did South Korea Slowed COVID-19?

South Korea used a well-organized and expansive testing system along with comprehensive efforts for isolating infected people. The country also traced their contacts and quarantined them as well. According to Rina Maclntyre, an infectious disease scholar at the University of New South Wales, contact tracing of the patient is as important as isolation.

When coronavirus emerged in China, the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention started developing its test kits. They worked with the diagnostic manufacturers to make commercial test kits.

It is uncertain for how long the success will hold. There are a smaller number of new cases. Until early May, there was no new case in Korea. And reopening of schools was scheduled for May 13; however, the reopening was postponed till May 20 because of new 102 COVID-19 cases.

These new cases are linked to the night club in Seoul. During May 1 to 2, a 29-year old person infected with coronavirus went to five clubs. According to health officials, 102 cases were traced to the Itaewon group.

The experts are still figuring out how there is a surge in new cases. A panel of experts in Korea believes the dead fragments of the virus might be the cause of testing positive for the virus after recovery. This is because according to the South Korean Scientists, the patients who get COVID-19 once, cannot be infected again.

Current Statistics

Currently, South Korea has 11,078 coronavirus cases and 263 people have died because of this virus. 9,938 people have recovered from the virus. So far, Korea has conducted nearly 680,890 tests.

The government is hoping to control the new wave of coronavirus in the same way as before. The national testing capacity in Korea has reached 15,000 tests in a day. The country has 43-drive through testing stations installed nationwide. They also developed an app for tracking quarantined patients and gather data on symptoms easily.

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