Cemetery Headstones & Memorials

If you have recently lost a loved one, then chances are that you are looking for a cemetery headstone and memorial. When it comes to cemetery headstones, there is an abundance of options to choose from. Setting up a memorial for the deceased can be difficult. This post will help you decide what cemetery headstones you need to create a memorial that memorializes a loved one.

Styles of Headstones

There are two main styles of headstones that you can choose from. Flat cemetery headstones and upright cemetery headstones are extremely popular. An upright cemetery headstone tends to be more traditional and uses materials such as limestone, marble, or granite. However, most churchyards only allow granite headstones to be placed. This type of headstone stands upright and is available in various styles, colors, and shapes.

While on the other hand, flat cemetery headstones are also available in different shapes and sizes. They are commonly referred to as a bevel cemetery headstone or a marker. These can be easily flushed into the ground and even raised or slanted. They are available in a standardized as well as customized layouts. A flat cemetery headstone is commonly made of granite. Moreover, customized cemetery headstones are widely sought. They offer a unique way to capture the memory of a loved one. These can be made in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Furthermore, a customized cemetery headstone is able to reflect the life and memory of a loved one perfectly.

Selecting a Headstone

Selecting a headstone for a loved one’s memorial is tough. Remember, you also have to keep the cemetery regulations in mind. There are certain rules that help retain the aesthetics of a churchyard or cemetery. Most of the headstones have more than just the names and basic information about the deceased, but even incorporate unique symbolism such as palms raised for prayer, lilies, daisies, cross, candles, doves, angles, and etc. Choose between slants that are wedge-shaped, monuments that stand upright, benches that offer seating, and markets that are flat. There are many loved ones that want to be buried together and it is possible to get a companion headstone for them. It is also a more affordable option than single headstones.

Choosing Headstone Verses and Epitaphs

After you have decided which type of design and symbolism you want for the headstone, you can focus on what verses and epitaphs can be written or carved on the headstone. Besides the dates of death and birth, and the full name of the deceased, you can add other things to the headstone in order for it to be personalized. Verses and epitaphs will help improve the overall look and feel of the headstone.

Cemetery Memorial

Besides just headstones, you can also choose to place statues or other objects to create a certain feel. Although statues are expensive, they are a popular choice. It is always a good idea to plant some trees or just flowers in the memorial to improve its aesthetics.


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