Recently recreational biking is enjoying a massive resurgence in popularity in Canada and although bike riding is fun it can be dangerous and safety issues should be taken seriously. Cycle riders are at a significantly higher risk of personal injury than those riding in a car. For every kilometer ridden by a cyclist, they are 14 times more likely to be involved in an accident causing serious personal injury. The hard numbers are even more sobering. Every year scores of riders are killed in bike-related accidents and hundreds are seriously injured due to negligence by the driver of a vehicle. Bicycle accident compensation claims for personal injury  will inevitably increase in number due to the increased number of cycle riders currently on Canadian roads.

Sometimes cyclists themselves are the cause of accidents. A car may swerve suddenly to avoid a cyclist who has pulled out in front of them, causing the car to hit another vehicle or the driver may have to brake suddenly to avoid a collision with a cyclist which could get them rear-ended or give their passengers whiplash injury either of which could lead to a bicycle accident compensation claim against the cycle rider.

Both bike riders and car drivers have a responsibility to stay alert and take the proper precautions to avoid cycle accidents. For instance, drivers should drive more slowly when bad weather causes poor visibility. Cyclists must do their part too by making themselves more visible to motorists. Bicycles should be equipped with lights and reflective tape and bike riders should never wear dark clothing at night.


The Importance of Having an Insurance Policy

Every single person who rides a bike should take out a personal injury insurance policy. There are circumstances where an individual cycle rider may be sued in a bicycle accident compensation claim if their negligence has caused a third-party personal injury.


Obeying the Law

Cyclists should remember that they must adhere to the same traffic laws as those driving cars. When riding your bike, you must still obey traffic lights. You should also signal properly, such as when making a turn. Even though the maneuverability of a bike allows them to, cyclist should not weave in and out of traffic. Doing so could cause the kind of dangerous swerving and sudden braking explained above. If drivers and cyclists follow the law and use common sense, cars and bikes can safely share the road.


Compensation for Children’s Cycling Accidents

Child cycle accidents happen for any number of reasons from collisions with negligent drivers to spills due to poor road conditions. Accident lawyers are personal injury specialists qualified to help parents to bring child cycle accident claims for compensation.

If your child has suffered personal injury in a cycle accident you need compensation claim advice from a specialist lawyer who will give you a realistic assessment of liability and an accurate estimate of your injured child’s potential damages award. You do not usually have to finance your injured child’s cycle accident compensation claim.



Government estimates are that a child riding a bicycle is 50 times more likely to be injured in an accident than a child riding in a car. Additionally, a child riding a bike is three times more likely to be involved in an accident than a child who is walking.


Important Safety Precautions

Bike riding is a favorite pastime of nearly every child. The exercise and fresh air are for good a child’s overall health and well-being. However, owning a bicycle also comes with responsibilities, both for the child and the parent. As outlined above, there is a very real risk of a child being injured in some type of accident. Children should be properly equipped and taught about bicycle safety. Young children should not be allowed to ride their bicycle alone. In order to reduce the risk of accident or injury, always accompany younger children when they go out on their bikes. Never allow a child of any age to ride on or nearby roads with heavy traffic.


Obeying Traffic Laws

Children should also be taught that cyclists must follow the same laws as people driving cars. Bike riders should signal properly, obey traffic lights and refrain from weaving in and out of traffic. Bikes and motor vehicles can safely share the road if everyone takes responsibility for proceeding with caution and remains aware of their surroundings.


Bicycle Training Courses

Bicycle training courses for children are widely available. A variety of skills are taught in the courses, which are conducted by professionals who are knowledgeable in all aspects of cycling and bike safety. In addition to cycling proficiency, the courses also teach problem solving skills. Studies indicate that children who have learned these problem-solving skills are less likely to be involved in an accident.


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