Best Brands for High-Security Door Knobs

When it comes to the security of your home, there should not be any compromise on even the slightest details. This is because any preventive measures you spend on are better the facing any unfortunate incident in future. For this, you should improvise your door knobs as well as they are the pathway to entering the house. Using top-quality best door handles can add an extra layer of security for you. Remember not to invest on cheap brands but get a good glass barn door for your home.


  1. BiLock

One of the best door handles is the BiLock deadbolt. This is a popular door knob around the world famous for its security and quality. It comes with a key system that is same for all the products, as well as is a high security cylinder which makes it difficult for lock pickers.


  1. Kwikset 991 Juno

For people who love a combination security, Kwikset 991 Juno is the perfect pick. This deadbolt has one of the highest security ratings among other door locks and is a popular choice as door knobs for residential homes. It is shaped like a traditional door knob but is one of the most secure door knobs you can find.


  1. Abloy

Abloy is also famous for making some of the best door handles in the market. They win based on their quality of strength I the locks which is always the same and ranges to almost the highest strength level. This is possible due to hardened steel and quality construction for all their door knobs.


  1. Mul-T-Lock

Mul-T-Lock is one of the best brands to purchase good quality security door knobs. These are technology fused door locks which include an innovative design of the pin and sidebar system which improves their security. These high security locks then save form any prying. This is used for banks, government buildings and offices mostly.


  1. EVVA

You can find a great deal of high security door knobs by EVVA lock company. The company specialized in creation of the wide variety of door knobs and are reported to produce the most secure locks among other companies in the market. This is because instead of traditional methods, the company used innovative techniques in their door locks. Their locks are a rare breed in the sense that they are the only locks which work on magnetic lock components. The door locks are not designed for physical attack; however, they work more for the internal security system. By this, some people think that this door knob can be easily broken but that is not the case.


Bottom Line

You can conclude that there is no top brand for security door knobs, but some guaranteed and trusted brands that produce the fines licks and door knobs. While finding the best door handles, try finding the ones that you need, not the ones that are best or high rated.



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