All About The Gansu Weather

Gansu is one of the hidden gems of China. It is a province that is located in the north. Jiayuguan is a spectacular city in Gansu that is famous for the imposing Jiayuguan Pass fortress complex and the striking Overhanging Great Wall. There is a lot that the province has to offer. Before you plan a trip to anywhere in this part of China, you must learn more about the weather.

As it is extremely diverse, being home to the Gobi Desert and the Qilian Mountains, you need to know when to visit. The complex geography of the region is the reason behind the drastic weather differences in different parts of the province. Understanding the weather in Gansu can help you make that decision. We have prepared the ultimate post that covers everything you need to know about Gansu weather. Let’s get right into it.

Spring (March to May)

Spring in Gansu has beautiful weather. The temperature ranges from 3°C to 26°C depending on whether you visit when spring arrives or is about to leave. It is crucial to mention that there is a huge temperature difference between night and day in spring. Gansu is visited by millions in May. Hence, you might want to visit earlier. A long-sleeved shirt, sweater, coat, or jacket will help provide protection from the sun and the cold. As it does not rain in spring, you should try out outdoor activities like visiting Jiayu Pass Fort, Zhangye Danxia Park, and riding a camel in Dunhuang.

Summer (June to August)

Summer is possibly the hottest time to visit Gansu for obvious reasons. July can get rather hot with temperatures standing at 31°C. However, it is still much cooler than other parts of China which experience sweltering weather conditions. Sun protection is necessary due to the strong solar radiation in the summer. Make sure to drink lots of water and wear sun-proof clothing. However, Gannan is best explored in summer as it offers gorgeous scenery and cool weather.

Autumn (September to Mid-November)

Autumn is also a great time to visit Gansu. With an average temperature of 13°C to -1°C, you will have no trouble exploring the beauty of the province once the weather gets cooler. You will benefit from nice weather and beautiful scenery during fall. You must book a private tour and pack warm clothes along with sun protection items. Do not miss out on natural landscape sightseeing during your stay.

Winter (Late November to February)

January is the coldest month in the province. With the average temperature dropping to -7°C, Gansu in winter is a chilly destination. However, since it is dry, it rarely snows. But, it does not mean that the weather is not cold. Indoor heating is common which makes the weather more bearable. Therefore, one must pack winter clothing and moisturizer for the best time.


The best time to visit Gansu is from May to October. The Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is a major tourist destination as it boasts the most luxuriant grass in summer.


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