All About Product Efficacy Testing

When making a claim about the effectiveness of a product, it vital that you have the scientific research to support it. Without objective efficacy testing support, your brand could run into difficulty with regulatory bodies for failing to substantiate claims made in your advertising or on your packaging.

What Is Efficacy Testing?

Efficacy testing is the process of rigorously testing a product and putting it through various trials to confirm the attributes claimed in marketing materials. It is every bit as important as sensory profiling. Even if the product appeals to consumers, they will still need scientifically-backed certainty that it will perform as described when they take it home.

Products such as deodorants often claim to “offer 24-hour protection”. The claim is placed on all the product’s marketing materials such as labels, advertisements, and the company website. Efficacy testing will allow you to make these claims with confidence, as you’ll have expert scientific research to support your claims.

Which Products Benefit from Efficacy Testing?

Food, beverage, personal care, home cleaning, and toiletry products are among the long list of products that can benefit from efficacy testing.

There are two types of claim support testing. Product claims focus on your product’s performance. For example, “9 out of 10 people thought this product effectively cleans grease.” In comparison, competitive claims compare your product to its competitors. For example, “80% of people thought the product cleans more effectively than the leading brand.”

Any product that makes a claim about its performance can benefit from efficacy testing.

Choose WSS To Conduct Your Sensory Profiling

Wirral Sensory Services efficacy testing is designed to be objective, rigorous and relies on verified scientific methodologies.

They have been providing efficacy testing services to start-ups and leading UK brands for over 20 years and have extensive experience testing a wide range of products. We have done it all, including assessing foot and oral malodour reduction products, testing antiperspirants and deodorants for in-vivo efficacy, and much more.

Visit their website to find out more about how their high-quality efficacy testing services can help your brand live up to its claims.  – www.wssintl.com


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