Advantages of Using Mozilla Thunderbird

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Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the best email system service running in terms of client dealing and business. There are a lot of advantages to using Mozilla Thunderbird, such as fast emails, simple working, quick mbox file recovery and much more. There are multiple features of Mozilla Thunderbird which keeps it superior to other services. These advantages are as follows:


  1. Open Source Add-ons: It can be observed in majority parts of any community of developers that the use of Thunderbird is more because of the add-ons. Because of someone, if you haven’t developed this feature, it is important to get it as soon as possible.


  1. Management of RSS: Thunderbird comes with inbuilt RSS support where you can not only browse through the emails and messages on each feed of the folder but also delete the read and unread emails as per choice. New messages will automatically appear the next time when Thunderbird checks in for new messages.


  1. Separated Unreads: Thunderbird provides you with the option of ‘unreads’ folder which will keep you from browsing around and opening different folders for messages. This not only saves time, but also makes it easier for you to focus on important emails so that you do not lose any important emails.


  1. Thunderbrowse Add-on: Thunderbrowse is an add-on developed by Thunderbird to change your email pane into a browser. This helps you to load links directly through the message pane and even in separate tabs as well.


  1. Quick Search: Thunderbird allows you to explore messages and emails really quick by typing into the search bar. Here, you can find all the messages that you want on just a single click and a few keystrokes. Quick search is also helpful in thunderbird recovery as well.


  1. Export Features: In Thunderbird, you can select from built in export / import features present in the software. You can also download your own list of add-ons designed to make sure that your computer experience with thunderbird is as good and comfortable as any other software and computer. If you are an RSS user, the RSS export feature is one of the best ways to share your RSS feeds with your connections and friends on Thunderbird.


  1. Usenet Support: Thunderbird comes with its very own UseNet support! This will help you in keeping things organized and teach you to take advantage of the same sorting and organizing features that are available for free. All this comes with Thunderbird’s email and RSS capabilities.


  1. Sort-By Option: There are plenty of sorting options on thunderbird which can help you in finding the messages easily. These options are date, star, sender, size, subject, attachments, among many more.


  1. Filtering of Junk Mail: You can flag all the spam emails in Thunderbird and utilize the adaptive junk mail filtering feature to practice and train your Thunderbird to recognize spam. In case your Thunderbird makes mistakes in the start, they can always be recovered by thunderbird recovery.


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