6 Tips for People Willing To Move in May

The coronavirus has significantly changed consumer behavior and made us actually reconsider our plans. With more and more people working from home, fewer people venture outside. If you are planning on moving, it might be best if you put your plans on hold until May. Moving is never easy. However, this post looks at the top 6 tips for people willing to move to Raleigh in May.

  1. Choose a Reliable Moving Company

The most important tip that you need to consider if you are willing to move in May is to choose a reliable moving company such as Distinctive Moving and Storage. When you choose a reliable moving company, it allows you to be sure about the company’s ability to fulfill its obligations. Moreover, a reliable moving company will follow up with you to ensure that you are interested in moving in May.

  1. Learn more About the Mover’s Policies for Refunds, Cancellations, & Reschedules during the Pandemic

Choosing a reliable moving company is just not enough. This is why it is crucial that you learn more about its policies for refunds, cancellations and reschedules to be on the safe side during the pandemic. Although you are willing to move in May, you never know how things would be like in May. Hence, it would be in your best interests to ask the mover regarding their policies for seeking a refund, cancellation, or rescheduling your move to after May. Having maximum flexibility is what you need to aim for. Find out how easy or hard it would be for the mover to change the moving date, how much deposit is needed, and if you can get a full refund if you cancel the move.

  1. Avoid Using Recycled Boxes

During the present situation, it might be better if you avoid using recycled boxes altogether. Since May is not that far off, you might be wondering to pack up some of your belongings. However, since the virus lives on surfaces such as cardboard, it is not the time to worry about purchasing new boxes for packing as you should be focusing on your health first.

  1. Use Extra Sanitation

Get in the habit of using extra sanitation. It will help keep you safe from the coronavirus and ensure that you and your family are in perfect health. Use sanitation to wipe all items when packing them. Disinfectant wipes can be used for cleaning the surfaces of boxes, furniture, and other items before and after loading. It will reduce the risk of germs entering your new home.

  1. Provide the Moving Crew with Sanitizer & Hand-Washing Supplies

Do not just use the sanitizer by yourself. Instead give the moving crew sanitizers as well as hand-washing supplies to ensure that they take extra care when moving your belongings. Even if you hire professional movers, you need to provide them with access to soap, water, and sink. Moreover, disposable gloves should also be provided.

  1. Monitor the News Regularly

Finally, it is vital that you monitor the news regularly. Look out for updates regarding the situation and learn more about the virus. Chances are that a vaccine might be developed by May. Hence, stay updated by watching the news.


From choosing a reliable moving company to monitoring the news regularly, the top 6 tips for people willing to move in May as mentioned in this post will ensure that you safely move to your new home.


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