5 ways to enhance couple relationship – sex edition

It is absolutely normal for relationships to distance over time. And it should not be easily accepted to let a part of your soul to part from you. Inspired by the 5 ways to enhance relationship, here’s the 5 ways to enhance couple relationship in sex advised by Sexydevil.


  1. Rituals

While it sounds religious, rituals remain a huge part of human culture in reminding and remembering a certain memory. Sports players, for example, have rituals that they will do before the game or when they score a goal, to remind themselves of the power that pushed them along.

Rituals in a relationship does not have to be extreme like the infamous Ronaldo celebration. Some of you might still remember the bedtime story from your parents. This is one of the most powerful of rituals in the world and one that most frequently linked to a relationship.

The same simplistic philosophy also applies to sex life. Rituals in sex do not meant to keep with a certain position or using certain aids. While the process of sex should be free-willed, rituals can be introduced before or after sex, including bathing, lighting up scent candles and a good hug afterwards.

  1. Be affectionate

While the article encourages daily physical attention, there is nothing more physical interactive than sex. However, there are still ways to show your affection in sex that let you partner understand his/her importance to you.

Caring about your partner during sex, for example, is one of them. When it comes to sex, there are still a huge part of us feeling hesitant to speak out because you may fear hurting the confidence of your partner and imply that you are dissatisfied to the sex life. Instead, most of them will show signs of discomfort.

While enjoying sex, it is crucial to observe your partner as well. If you realise something is wrong, try to mend it. In such way, you also acknowledge your empathy to your partner that he/she will feel valued by you. There is nothing more important that you feel valued by your partner, and it’s vice versa as well.


  1. Show that you mind

It sounds like the last tip. But there are some differences to it. Rather than demonstrating that you care about your partner, why don’t you honestly tell your feeling? Using actual verbal cues are much more effective in any form of communication in a relationship.

Letting your partner knowing that he/she is physically attractive is an example to follow. It is reasonable for anyone to care about their body image, especially for women in this age where appearance is over emphasized. A simple cue like “you look stunning today” can be a huge boost to your partner’s confidence and put his/her annoying thoughts away during sex.


  1. Tell them what they meant to you

There might not be time before sex to do so. Yet, the time after the excitement, most hopefully in your ritual hug, you can let out your inner thought to your partner, on how much you need him/her, how important him/her is to you.

Many of us often forget the time after sex. Some might go straight to bath or scroll their social media immediately. Sadly, a cold reaction in the minutes after intense bonding could leave your partner feeling more alone than ever. Spending the time to talk with them could not be better to build a stronger relationship among yourselves.


  1. Check in with each other

I copied the tip directly from the article, because I honestly think I cannot adapt this into sex. Or, it might be possible.

Companies, like We-Vibe, have developed sex toys for long distance relationships. These sex toys can be operated through an app across states or even the entire Pacific Ocean. Despite irreplaceable to the intimacy in sex, these innovative yet imperfect solutions still offer chances to sexually connect for distance relationships.


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