Your guide to finding the perfect live edge and resin table

Vantz Furniture is a company that will provide you with delicately crafted furniture and it is your place to be if you are looking for some unique pieces of furniture. Vantz Furniture’s products incorporate the creativity of the men who want to recreate and reinvest. Men who are dedicated to the cause of producing craftsmanship that is like none other. Vantz Furniture started with a purpose in mind. It wanted to encourage men who were on the road to recovery. It wanted to provide a platform for employment for them, a platform where they could display their creativity, find employment, and do much more.

Vantz Furniture is a small business that is supported by Riverbank House recovery community. It has a great objective as it aims to help men who are recovering from addictions. It gives them a source of income and the proceedings are then reinvested in the community to make it affordable to live in. It started as a woodshop on a small scale and now has a showroom along with a production facility. Behind the idea were two very insightful individuals who found a connection between their recovery and living edge furniture. The people who work at Vantz Furniture also feel the same. They work on the raw materials until they build something that is warm and functional at the same time. They have a sense of purpose in their mind, which is why they are committed to what they are doing.

If you are looking for perfect live edge furniture, you are at the exactly right place! The furniture consist of dining tables, counter tops, coffee tables, and much more. The furniture can fit into any setting, be it your office or your house. Each piece of furniture has been crafted to perfection to meet the customized needs of the customers. Coffee tables are something that will add an elegant look to your living room or even drawing room. You can definitely check the coffee tables available at Vantz Furniture as the handcrafted furniture definitely makes your room look antique! Here are some of the options that you have:

  1. Live Edge Australian Beefwood Coffee Table:

High quality Australian Beefwood has been used to make this special piece for you. It is a slab that can be customized with table legs of your choice. It is a 36*24 inches slab that is spacious enough for you to have coffee on it!

  1. Live Edge Brazilian Cherry Coffee Table:

Vantz Furniture has a great inventory that carries exotic furniture like this Brazilian coffee table that is one of its kind. It is a dark brown colored table that can be customized with legs of your own choice. You can have the opportunity to select the type of wood that you need for your customized coffee table.

  1. Live Edge Maple Coffee Table:

A unique piece that has been made with delicacy. It will add a native look to your room!


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