It’s almost time for the arrival of the New Year, and with it come great hopes, desires, advancements and most of all, surprises. If you are not satisfied and happy with your current choice of career, it’s not too late for you to start over and find something that suits you better. And why shouldn’t you – especially when there are amazing one-step opportunities available such as a driving a heavy goods vehicle (HGV)?



According to the American Trucking Associations (ATA) – the enterprise’s biggest guild, America is in need of almost 51,000 more drivers of large trucks. This is because new dealers and companies are arising every other day and this puts stress upon the conveyance industries to provide and employ more chauffeurs to undertake the plethora of work.



HVG drivers are mainly liable for the conveyance of commodities between vendors and clients, but other than driving, some of their other responsibilities include planning and checking delivery routes thanks to the best GPS for trucking, communicating and coordinating with customers, supervising the lading and unlading of commodities, ensuring that the goods remain safe, recording hours and cataloguing delivery forms, maintaining the vehicle and communicating with the forwarders, etc.



One of the biggest reasons to enter the truck driving industry is the salary. Because of the HGV driver shortage, industries are desperate to hire more chauffeurs and are offering £18,000-£22,000 per annum to just starters. This means that by the end of the year, you can earn around £40,000-£60,000. The government tediously controls this driving industry and thus, you could earn extra additional income by covering shifts and asocial hours. Don’t forget to install a car GPS tracker on the truck to keep you and the goods safe.



There a number of reasons for you to start your HGV driver training as soon as possible. You need to have a Cat B license, which will let you choose either a Cat C1, Cat C, Cat D1 or Cat D training course so you can upgrade your present permit to open up brand new possibilities for you.

As long as you already have your Cat B license, you’re just one small step away from completely overhauling your career. From a Cat B license, you can choose to take either a Cat C1, Cat C, Cat D1 or Cat D training course and upgrade your current license in ways that will unfold fresh opportunities for you. The best part about the training process is that it doesn’t take long at all – you can be prepared, tried and approved in less than a week.

Following are some careers you can indulge in after your training:

  • HGV driver – If you are not very social and prefer keeping your head down, this is the ideal career for you. The best part? The salary. Furthermore, you will be able to travel long distances and go abroad as part of the job, but will not have to carry travelers.
  • Delivery Driver – Sometimes, you don’t want to leave permanently, but just need to get some air. Thus, by becoming a delivery driver, you can drive around, relaxing all the while making some sweet cash.
  • Tour Guide Driver – Once upgrading from a Cat B to a Cat D1, drive the holiday vehicle – a minibus. Take people to beautiful places and consequently even offer services to local schools and hospitals.


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