Why You Should Be Using Silk Business Cards?


The most luxurious and high-end types of business cards

What is a Silk Business Card?

Silk cards which are also known as silk coated business cards or silk laminated business cards are one of the most high-quality, luxurious and attractive types of business cards. It is not made like a regular business card instead a lamination process is done which gives business cards a new life, and a perfect silky smooth matte finish. It helps to enhance the overall look, feel, colors, fonts, etc. and makes a business card more durable, tear resistant and assists with other water resistance issues as well. You can buy these silk cards on many international websites; if you need local or international parcel shipping a professional service is the way to go.

Traditional or conventional cards has cardboard like structure which doesn’t appeal much whereas these silk coated business cards have a smooth and silky feel whenever you touches it. If you can feel the difference then why not your prospective customer or client would feel the same. Your business needs to set apart from any sort of competition among other brands plus it should have a unique touch which makes your brand remember with others.  These business cards offer an option that adds an elegant touch when professionals are making their first impression on a potential client.

How it is made? This beautiful silk business card comes into the manufacturing process after selection of a heavy card stock. The thickness of the card is determined and chosen according to its product’s needs. And the likewise silk/satin laminate coating is applied onto it. The cards are then cut with a laser die-cutting machine according to the product’s specified dimensions. If extra cutting edges, designs or patterns are needed to add, then these are added to it as well. It is also punched out of the card stock then. If any product is needed to have gloss or matte finish then include spot gloss UV highlights and decorative color foil stamps in to make the final product.
There is a laminate coating placed over these types of business card during the finishing process. This laminate coating allows to have an elegant matte finish with sharp edges, vibrant colors so that your brand’s logo and contact information really pop to the readers. It helps you to make a new identity for your brand by putting up every possible detail. It creates a lasting impression which compels to have excitement in your customer’s mind. Not only this, but this silk-based coating or lamination is not just limited to here but is widely popular in product packaging too. Most easily you can see the Apple and Google products in this kind of packaging.

What are the Key Benefits of Silk Business Cards?

  • You should know how much importance lies in this one piece of paper which is used as a core purpose of networking. Silk business cards offer more than anything. These business cards stand out due to their silk and smooth touch and for their durability as well.
  • It gives a sleek and a modern look to the business card which makes it very popular among everyone. Whatever your business domain is, it really helps to convince your customers to look forward towards yourself.
  • The durability and unique feel helps in to become one of the most sough-after choice. Wherever you are or wherever you go. Now you can’t miss any of the opportunity to make networks.
  • These silk laminated cards are water resistive and tear resistance which makes it less sturdy. These business cards are so difficult to tear that whatever you do, it would surely give you a tough time. The water-resistant feature of silk business cards helps you to deal with any accidental drink spill during a business meeting so, now you don’t have to worry about it.
  • The plastic laminate helps in protecting from perspiration and prevents the ink underneath from running.
  • Plus, one of the best features of silk business cards is that you can write on them easily. So, whenever you forget something about that particular conversation related to that particular business card; just write on it to avoid any hindrance and get in touch with to form a strong professional connection.
  • What else it offers you? Just name it! Silk business cards are available with numerous additional features which can easily add sparkles to your brand’s name. For example the foil card substance add shine that highlight the most important information of your business card to be prominent to the customer. The Spot UV printing uses UV light to add a finish and gloss to the cards and the result is glossy finish. Plus you can add a patterned and textured background with spot UV printing to make your logo and contact information stand out.
  • You can also make silk business cards stand out even more with the help of unconventional shapes and figures. The Rounded corners cost a little more and looks great with everything, but there are several other unique shapes offered when the corners are smoothed out; it helps to add a subtle, impressive touch. Not only this, but there are several custom die-cut business cards shapes there.


How would you know silk business cards are the right option for your business?

Don’t care about it, if your business has started out, you may find the considerable budget for those little extras. You have multiple options to go with some simple options to as far as most vibrant ones as well. Just check the market, see what your competitors are doing and go with the best appropriate option. Similarly, if your business is already established then you may add a spark through this idea because there is always some room for improvement and you can always rebrand your professional image. And for this purpose the Silk business cards are the best options to go with. It would surely help you, your brand and your esteemed client a long-lasting professional relationship with vendors, customers and business contacts.


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