Why Indian Music is Best for Meditation

Indian Music is widely popular around the world for its specific genre of sound tunes and the signature music pattern. For this reason, it is not only used for entertainment purposes but also to soothe your nerves and play it while you are meditating. Most people who do yoga prefer to play calm and soothing royalty free music in the background. Meditation music has a significant vibe of its own so it is recognizable even when you haven’t heard it before. India is rich in religion and culture which practices hymns and religious prayers through rhymes and songs and music. This is why, they have a great variety of the music that is nowadays widely used for meditation and yoga.


One thing to note is that music is nowhere near to what is considered as the specific meditation music. Even classical music of Indian origin is not considered that because there is an extreme difference between the two. But despite this, you can choose your own music to meditate to. Meditation music has this particular signature genre that fulfills some unset rules of composition and style. There are some very remarkable Indian soundtracks that are classical yet they are suitable for meditation; and are composed by some of the most renowned Indian classical music experts.


There are several reasons to why Indian music is actually the best option in terms of meditation music.


1. Meditation Music as an alternative to silence.

Meditating to music is relatively more easier than silence. This is because of the innate capacity of our minds to wander off and think of problems when there is silence instead of focusing on calming yourself. This is why, for some people, music does the job better.


2. Music relieves stress

Hundreds of studies have explore the effect of music on our minds and body and one things has been scientifically proven that music helps our mind to relieve stress and calm our nerves. It helps shift our focus from any depressing thoughts and improves our concentration and adds to the mental clarity that is required for meditation specifically.


3.   Music improves our Emotional Health.

Music has an effect that automatically improves our emotional health an state and clears our mind of any negative effects. This can depend accordingly by the choice of music that we are listening to.


4. Music triggers Creative abilities

Music clears our mind of any stress and helps us to focus. Which is why, music is especially helpful for meditating as it calms our nerves and sparks the creative abilities in us. Happy music leads to more creativity.


Popular Indian Meditation Music Tunes

The most popular Indian music consists of classical tunes with sitars, harmoniums and flutes, which triggers our happy part of the brain. Some of the most Popular ones are:

  • In the Om zone 2.0 by Steven Halpern
  • Sacred chants of Shakti by Anuradha Paudwal
  • Jungle Spirit by Nirvana Meditation Master
  • Inside the Taj Mahal by Paul Horn
  • Devotion : Rasa


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