What is Security Guard Training Like?

There are many reasons to be interested in security guard training. It is a dynamic and interesting career that has lots of vertical potential, keeps you active and requires a unique set of skills. Plus, the pay is good, there is always work, and you often end up relying on a diverse set of individuals.

And security guard training is no picnic either. It requires dedication, focus and a desire to succeed. It also means learning valuable skills like:

  • the role of a security guard
  • crowd control
  • using a baton
  • the proper and legal use of force
  • effective communication skills
  • patrolling practices
  • Powers of arrest
  • First aid
  • much more!

These skills complement one another to provide a well-rounded curriculum that prepares people for the exciting world of security guard services. Still, security guard training is sort of a black box when it comes to the actual, so join Intercept Security Services as we break down each stage in the process!


The Training

A variety of training is available for security guards. As much of the focus of security guard training is on administrative understanding, several courses are available entirely online. However, security guard training is a provincially regulated industry; as a result, many similarities exist between different training program providers.

For instance, each course is mandated to take 40 hours. This ensures that sufficient time is taken in all seven of the critical areas of study. The areas you will study during a security guard training course include:

  • roles and responsibilities of a security guard
  • federal and provincial legislation regarding security professionals
  • basic skills and techniques used by security professionals, including the power of arrest
  • identifying behaviour patterns and communicating effectively
  • Note-taking, shift handover and other administrative duties
  • Emergency response, safety training and incident management
  • Professional conduct

Work Safety

The Test

After completing your security guard training, the next step is challenging the provincial test. This requires applying all the knowledge you have accumulated thus far and usually takes place at a secure facility. You will need to pass the test with at least an 80% or higher grade.

The test can be difficult, and many security professionals find it beneficial to perform licensed training beforehand. However, you can attempt the test at any time with self-study, though this path is not recommended.


The Application

Finally, once you have passed the test and received your results, the only step left is applying for your security guard license. This includes paying the requisite registration fees and can occur at any registry that performs the security licensing service.


Start Your Security Guard Training Today

These are all the steps you need to take for complete and comprehensive security guard training. While the road might seem long at first glance, it will be over before you know it, so be sure to take your time and understand all the information presented. And don’t forget to consider the importance of the company you chose to train you.

The right security guard training should prepare you for the wide variety of situations you are likely to find yourself in throughout your career. The facility should have experienced instructors who know what information is important to share and keep in mind throughout eh daily course of your work.


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