What Is Air Freight?

Air Freight parcel delivery is the transfer and shipment of goods via a chartered or scheduled air carrier. Such shipments travel out of commercial and passenger aviation gateways to anywhere planes can fly and land. Air Freight is a popular choice for many businesses as it ensures the safe passage of their goods to any location in the world that an airplane can fly to. Goods that are transported by aircraft have the advantage of being taken to their final location at high speed which can be vital if the delivery is time sensitive. Deliveries that are transported by air go through a higher level of security than other methods of shipping, such as sea freight, making it one of the most secure ways to transport goods across the globe.


What Are The Advantages Of Air Freight?

There are many advantages of transporting goods by air freight. These include:

  • Efficiency – Air freight is fast, especially if you use a direct service. You can expect your goods to reach their intended destination within a couple of days of sending them. In comparison, a delivery via sea freight could take several weeks.
  • Reliable – Flights generally have reliable departure and arrival times with very few delays, so the shipment of goods via air is highly likely to arrive on time.
  • Low Insurance Premium – As the shipment duration is so short, insurance premiums on air freight are generally lower than other forms of shipment.
  • Secure – The shipment of goods by air is tightly managed by security, so the chance of your goods being damaged or stolen is low.
  • Traceable – All flights are tracked, meaning shipments are easy to trace which can give companies more peace of mind
  • Good Value Of Small Deliveries – Air Freight is charged on weight as opposed to volume. This makes it more cost effective to send small deliveries via air than sea.
  • Less Warehousing Requirements – Clearance time for air freight is fast and there is normally less stock to unload than from cargo ships, meaning customs clearance is fast and the need for local warehousing is much lower.


What Are The Disadvantages Of Air Freight?

  • Cost – Air freight can be a lot more expensive than delivering goods via sea.
  • Logistical Restrictions – When delivering via a consolidated freight shipment, you will have to wait until the flight is full with other deliveries before the flight takes off.
  • Restrictions – There are much tighter restrictions on what goods can be transported via air freight than sea freight.
  • Environmental Impact – It is considered worse for the environment to deliver goods via air rather than sea.


British Food Export Via Air Freight

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