What Is A Dumpy Level?

Dumpy level is vital to building projects. It is not necessary for it to be expensive when you have a laser tool Specialist by your side. It is also known as builder’s Automatic Level or Auto Level. It is an optic instrument which is used for the establishment of the same points on the same horizontal plane. It is vital for building with a vertical staff and surveying to measure the height differences and for measuring, transferring and setting heights.

When you use a dumpy level, you need to keep in mind that the higher the level of the ground, the lower the reading on the E meters staff would be. While on the other hand, the lower the level of the ground level, the higher the readings would be on the E meters Staff.

Leveling looks at the measurements of the vertical planes and it makes sure that the same points are verified onto the horizontal plane. Although, there are many leveling instruments out there that are used for taking level, and the most common is the dumpy level.

Start off the surveying with the dumpy level so as to build the next big project accurately. The relevant distance and height of the land should be measured with dumpy levels. Both of the levels have a 32 times magnification, clear and bright optics which can be easily used. Whereas, the ATS variant feature has an air damper for achieving enhanced efficiency. Use dumpy levels to build the next best project.


Steps Involved in Making Use of the Dumpy Level

  1. Set the Tripod Next to the Point for Measurement

The tripod should be placed on a patch of clear flat ground which sits right between the spot you want to measure and the benchmark location. Next, you need to undo the latches of the tripod legs and extend each of the legs out. Have the legs adjusted until the tripod has been completely level, and then only close each of the latches. Make sure that you get to set up in a spot which is slightly higher from the benchmark location so as to measure the area properly.

  1. Connect the Telescope to the Tripod Stand

The dumpy level should be screwed onto the base plate of the tripod and then it should be connected to the main tripod body. Once it has been securely attached, the dumpy level telescope can be turned so that it sits exactly parallel with both of the level screws of the device.

  1. The Telescope Should Be Leveled By Adjusting the Foot Screw

The aim should be to adjust the spirit level towards the center. Make sure to look for the bubble level which is located somewhere on the device. Once you have found it, grab the leveling screws of the telescope and twist these in opposite directions. Do it until the bubble is in the exact center.



The dumpy level is important equipment which every project needs in order to be successful. Make sure to choose one that is of high quality such as one by Laser Tool Specialist.


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