What Are The Advantages Of Using A VPN?

Just about everyone these days uses a VPN. It has become crucial to use a VPN when browsing the internet due to the fact that a VPN provides you with the opportunity to access the internet anonymously and privately. A VPN provides a hidden tunnel using a combination of encryption, data encapsulation, and IP masking which makes it virtually impossible for advertisers, websites, search engines, and ISPs to track you online. It can be tough to browse the internet with advertisers bombarding you with all those advertisements. This is why you need to use a good VPN such as DAZN to stay protected online. This post looks at the main advantages of using a VPN.


Whenever you use the internet, an IP address is assigned to you which indentifies your mobile device or computer. However, the reason why an IP address can be an issue is because of the fact that it can be easily traced back to this same IP address. This means that every comment you make on social media, links that you click on, things that you purchase, websites you visit, and every single Google search can be monitored and traced back to you. This is where a VPN comes into place. It distinguishes the IP address which makes it virtually impossible for you to be tracked. The VPN allows you to browse the internet using its server which helps mask your IP address. This allows your online activities, location, identity, and IP address to remain hidden from the web.

Protect Private Date When You Use Public Wifi

Normally, it is advised that you do not use a public wifi. However, if the need arises, it is vital that you use a VPN when accessing the public wifi. It is extremely risky to use public wifi at the library, cafe, hotel, or the internet. Even if the public wifi requires you to create an account to browse the internet, it is not secure. When you use public wifi, you allow your data to be stolen, read, or intercepted by hackers. This is possible through your passwords, logins, chats, emails, and phone calls. This is why you need a VPN as it helps ensure that your data is not exposed.

Provide Access To Geographically Restricted Content & Circumvent Censorship

VPNs are used throughout the world to access geographically restricted content. They are extremely popular in countries where internet censorship is a real thing such as China, Pakistan, Russia, and the like. If there are content restrictions which prevent you from viewing content that you desire, then you can always turn to a VPN as it will allow you to bypass such restrictions. For instance, YouTube was banned in Pakistan in 2011 and its citizens downloaded a VPN to circumvent censorship. So, if you live somewhere content or access to certain websites and apps is banned, you can always use a VPN to access them. However, make sure to choose a reputable VPN.


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