If you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault then you are entitled to claim compensation. It is your legal right under UK law. An accident compensation claim solicitor will ensure that you receive the maximum amount owed to you by law. Your accident compensation claim will be handled with sensitivity and confidentiality. Most personal injury lawyers in UK are expert members of the Solicitors Regulation Authority personal injury panel.

You never normally have to pay fees or expenses as the case proceeds. Most accident compensation claim solicitors work on a no win no fee basis and if you lose the case then you have nothing to pay and are therefore never putting yourself in any sort of financial risk. Compensation is usually paid in full. Win or lose there is generally no charge.

If you have been injured in an accident caused by the negligence of another person then it is important that you take action as soon as possible. Evidence that may need to be gathered should be obtained shortly after the accident which helps to ensure a successful outcome. There are certain time constraints on most claims so do not delay in protecting your legal rights.

Your injury may have already caused you financial, mental or physical problems. Many injuries result in long term loss of earnings and deteriorating health. To be adequately compensated for your losses you should obtain professional accident compensation advice as soon as possible.

Certain injuries take a long time to settle down and during this time you can suffer considerable financial expenses and losses. The law is in place to protect you in these situations – to protect your hard-earned money. If someone else was responsible for causing you injury, then it is important to act immediately and take accident compensation advice. Time is of the essence in these cases and you risk losing the right to claim if you do not act promptly.

If you suffered personal injury in a road traffic collision, a slipping or tripping incident or you have sustained an injury at work then you may be eligible to make an accident compensation claim seeking damages for your pain and suffering and losses from a negligent third party.

Even if you were partly responsible for your own injury you can still make an accident compensation claim for personal injury damages. In this situation the total amount of compensation that you will receive will be subject to a deduction based on the percentage of your responsibility for the incident. If you need free advice on these complicated matters of contributory negligence just contact an accident compensation solicitor.


As an example in the case of a road traffic accident, liability is determined by taking into consideration a number of factors, amongst which are:


Which of the drivers claims the right of way and can that claim be proved?

What are the allegations of negligence made against the defendant?

Is the defendant making allegations of negligence against the claimant?

Are there independent witnesses who can verify the claimant’s version?


Let us say that you are driving a vehicle and have stopped at a red light but the vehicle behind you fails to stop and collides with the rear of your vehicle. This is called a ‘rear end shunt’ and it is quite clear that under normal circumstances you are not going to be held responsible for the collision. You will be able to make an accident compensation claim for personal injury damages for pain and suffering and in addition you will receive damages for financial losses including repair costs for your vehicle, loss of earnings, accrued car hire charges, prescription charges and all other reasonably incurred losses and expenses.

Whether or not an accident compensation claim is settled quickly with the minimum fuss depends to a large extent on the negligent drivers’ insurers. If a speedy admission of liability is received, then the case will resolve as soon as the medical evidence is available, and the prognosis is settled. This can vary from months to years dependent on the severity of the injuries. If the insurers do not admit liability then the accident compensation solicitor will progress the claim by the issue of legal proceedings in a court of law for determination of liability and the amount of the award by a judge.

This is one further important aspect to making a claim. It is incumbent on a claimant to minimise any losses that are sustained. Failure to do so may result in rejection of that part of the claim by a judge. As an example, if you usually drive a small car and you hire a much larger car then you will only be able to claim the equivalent hire charges of a small car similar to your own.


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