Top tips for organizing your home office

The number of people who take the plunge into self-employment is steadily rising. Factors such as dividing time and working from home play a big role in the decision. However, the dream of having your own home office can hide some pitfalls, because distraction is the biggest enemy of homeworkers.

In order to stay productive and efficient at home, it is particularly important that you properly set up your workspace in-house. If you are not even satisfied with these tips you can contact to LoveYourSpace for professional setup.


This is how you can organize your home office

Digitize data

Many home offices are small, so the available space should be used optimally. Avoid paper towers and crowded shelves by storing only the most important paper-based documents. The majority can now easily be digitized with a scanner and stored in the cloud. To protect against data theft, you can then shred digitized papers with a shredder with particle cutting function.

The right computer

A computer does not have to occupy the entire desk. There are many space-efficient, fast PCs today. If you travel a lot to attend customer meetings, it’s best to choose a laptop with a long battery life. To prevent your device from giving up your mind during meetings.


Separate private and business numbers strictly from each other. For your business, it’s best to buy a separate smartphone . So you are easily accessible on the go. In addition, smartphones can also be used as appointment calendars and e-mails and messages are immediately available everywhere.


In many offices, papers pile up quickly, as the time seems to be absent for a proper filing. If you cannot digitize them, staple them properly to prevent later searching and confusion. Your shelves do not have to be filled with drab, dusty files. Easily choose colored folders to give your home office a friendlier look.

The office chairs

A good office chair is a must for anyone who sits a lot. The chair should be ergonomic and comfortable. You should be able to adjust the height and angle of the armrest and backrest to prevent neck tension, headaches and back problems.


If possible, place your office table near the window. Natural and good light makes the workplace look friendlier. Poor lighting can even lead to health problems because our body needs natural light to absorb vitamin D.


Numerous studies have shown that plants improve the indoor climate. They bind pollutants, improve the air, brighten the room and increase productivity. Among the most popular office plants include the yucca palm, the green lily and the rubber tree.


Order and organization are important not only in the premises. Clothes make people and that also applies in the home office. Even if you do not have to visit a customer, you should always dress appropriately. It does not have to be a suit right away, but pajamas are a no-go in the home office: the right clothes help you prepare for work internally, so you are more productive and have the right motivation.

A good home office should be bright, ergonomic, neat and airy. If you take these tips to heart, nothing stands in the way of an efficient working day.


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