Top Services Provided By Architects

Are you considering hiring an architect? Do you want to know what an architect can do for you? Then, this post is just for you as it looks at the top services provided by architects. The secret behind a stunning building is an architect who dedicated his or her time to ensuring that the building turned out as planned. If you want results, then, your best option is to hire an architect. When you hire an architect, you can expect to receive the following services.

  1. Design of Building

An architect is an expert in designing buildings. No matter which type of building you might want to build, you can expect the architect to lay out the grand design. The architect will develop the renovation or construction plan which will allow the building to be created. Without the design of the building, it is impossible for it to be built.

  1. Building Analysis

Every building needs an analysis from time to time. Evaluation of a building is crucial to making sure that it is in good condition. Some of the components of the building that are evaluated include the equipment, room layouts, flooring, roofs, windows, and walls. The architect will audit the building, give you advice on a possible home window replacement and provide you with a summary report of all the findings.

  1. Code Analysis

When working on a project, there are certain codes that need to be followed. To determine the applicable codes such as the energy standards, accessibility standards, building codes, local land regulations, and zoning ordinances, a code analysis will be required. The architect will conduct the code analysis.

  1. Energy-Efficiency Report

As the world becomes more energy conscious, architects play a vital role as they conduct an assessment of the energy efficiency of the building to provide a report. The report contains a review of all the operational features, heating and lighting systems, insulation levels, and building components in the building. Thus, the energy efficiency can be evaluated to find opportunities for energy saving.

  1. Space & Site Planning

Another important service provided by architects includes space and site planning. It is graphic study which shows the arrangement of room layouts, spaces, and the activities that make up a floor. The type of spaces, shapes, room dimensions, and number of rooms will be determined. Space planning is crucial as it ensures that the right building can be built in the space. The site plan would show the lighting, landscape, parking, sidewalks, pedestrian access, building location, development boundaries, boundary lines, and other important features.

  1. Feasibility Report

A feasibility report is important as it is used for finding out if the building can be made in the existing structure or other options would need to be determined. The report is essential for finding potential solutions and for evaluating the cost of building the structure.


From the design of the building to providing the feasibility report, architects offer services will pave the way for the construction of buildings. When looking for an architect, it is important that you choose a reputable one such as Stamford Architect for the best results.


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