Top 5 HOT spots to fish from shore around Long Point Ontario

The fishing around Long Point Ontario is one of the best kept secrets in Ontario.  The fishing opportunities are diverse and offer anglers so many options.  It is a place where you don’t necessarily require a boat to get into some good fishing.

The most important factors to consider which location to choose is most definitely time of year and conditions.  Each of the top locations are hot at the right time of year.  All these locations are productive in both spring and fall, while only a few would be productive in the hot summer months.  The types of fish you can expect to catch at each location range from perch, bass, pike, trout, muskie, crappie, and just about any other fish that hangs out in Lake Erie.   Of course, we need follow regulations when we can target these species.  A few spots have limited space for shore anglers as there is plenty of private property.


Below is our favorite on shore fishing spots to target

1 – Port Ryerse Pier

2 – Normandale Pier

3 -Port Dover Pier

4- Port Rowan Pier

5- Long Point Channels


The chosen bait for most anglers is minnows.  It can be a chore to find minnows around the area at times.  Lake Erie Bait and Tackle have implemented a Live Bait Status Page which tells you exactly what bait is in stock; they also have a full tackle store.

Next time you are in the area, check out some of these hot spots and grab some emerald shiner minnows from Lake Erie Bait and Tackle. They will be sure to point you in the write direction to get onto some fish on your adventures around Long Point, Port Rowan, Turkey Point, and Port Dover.


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