Tips To Ensure You Get Flight Delay Compensation

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As an air passenger, you do have rights such as flight delay compensation even if you are not aware of them. This is to protect passengers and also ensure that airlines are functioning efficiently and punctually.

If you have also been a victim of a lengthy flight delay then you are entitled to compensation. However, before you apply for this compensation you need to make sure that you have followed all the rules to be eligible for flight delay compensation.

Here are a few tips to ensure that you get your compensation when you face troubles due to flight delays.

Always Ask For The Reason Of Delay

If your flight is delayed for three hours or more then you should ask the reason because it is essential. This is because you are not eligible for compensation if there are “extraordinary circumstances” and many airlines will try to get out of paying compensation by providing you with this reason.

This is why when you ask the reason, be sure to jot it down and it is even better if you ask the airline to give you a written statement stating the reason for delay. This way you can double-check and ask for a professionals help to get you flight delay compensation in case the reason doesn’t seem enough.

Keep All Your Documents With You

You need to have this while filing flight delay compensation as those are proof of the delay and why you need compensation. At all costs keep your ticket and boarding pass securely with you and don’t discard it after your flight.

These are the minimum requirements for filing a flight delay compensation claim. If you don’t have these, then you will face an extremely difficult time in asking for compensation for your troubles and make the process even more troublesome for you.

Check Arrival Time

Sometimes airlines don’t even acknowledge the flight delay as there is no physical evidence. This is why if your flight is late you should note the time down as soon as you land. If you want to be even more thorough then ask one of the staff members to write a note that acknowledges the time of arrival and the fact that the flight has arrived after a long delay.

Check Rules And Regulations To See If You Are Eligible

Always do your homework. Before you file a flight delay compensation claim against an airline, you need to read the rules and regulations they have. This is because you need to see if you have complied with all these rules to get compensation. If you have then the process will be much easier for you as a lot of times airlines will try to get out providing compensation to their passengers.

Final Words

Even if your flight is delayed for less than three hours, do remember to ask the airline for refreshments and care as they are obligated to provide you with such treatment if the flight is delayed.

However, if it is more than three hours then follow all these tips to make sure you get that flight delay compensation that you deserve for your troubles!


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