Tiny Pictures Is Your Answer to Faster Website Performance


Fast website performance has become a necessity for businesses these days because customers and visitors alike dislike having to wait for the website to load and will quickly switch to a competitor to buy what they want.

With the abundance of online businesses and ecommerce websites, customers have all the power and if you want them to choose your website over others than you need to ensure that your website offers fast performance. Also, Google emphasizes website performance when ranking websites so if you want your website to rank higher or in the top spot then you need to ensure the website offers fast performance, according to this Website Designer in Pune.


Tiny Pictures is Just What You Need

If you are worried about the above then you need to give Tiny Pictures a try. It is the ultimate website for ensuring that your website performs fast and allows users to quickly choose what they want. Now, what is it that makes a website perform faster? It is the images on the websites which allow it to load faster or slower depending on the size of the image.


Optimized Images

Tiny Pictures is Image-processing CDN website as it processes your images dynamically to help provide you with optimized delivery for just about every device. One can apply resizing, size optimization, cropping and any of the other effects on the fly to get optimized images. There is no pre-processing which is required and it saves you a lot of bandwidth, CPU power and disk space. Tiny Pictures provides users with all the features they need to have a faster website performance which will help increase customers and generate higher traffic for the website. Here are some of the benefits of using Tiny Pictures :

  • Fast Delivery: The website provides you with HTTP/2, TLS encryption, automatic WebP format conversion, edge locations and unlimited horizontal scaling. There is no need for setup or maintenance when you use the website.
  • Offers Origin Protection: Most CDN services don’t keep your images in a second caching layer but, the Tiny Pictures website does and for as long as you want and not for some hours.
  • Has A Simple API: The website offers users with an easy to use API and provides then with free client libraries. There is no backend development which is required and frontend developers have any image they want at any size available to them.
  • Amazing plans: Tiny Pictures offers one with many plans such as hobby, startup, business and enterprise. The hobby plan is absolutely free and just about anyone register for the plan to take advantage of the website and create images which will allow their website to perform faster.
  • Easy to register: Another great thing about Tiny Pictures which sets it apart from other similar websites is the fact that it is relatively easy to register an account on the website and start using the many features from the beginning without having to provide confidential information.


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