The Rising Trend of Reusable Metal Straws

Reusable Metal Straws are the new trend these days. And not just because of their environmental benefits, these have taken over the fashion world as well. The metal straws are perfect for about any occasion and add grace and elegance to your dining or serving etiquette. The reason why reusable metal straws have taken over the word quickly is their durability and reusability as compared to plastic straws. Numerous establishments around the globe have become aware of the waste they produce and add to the environment every day; and plastic is decomposable which is a threat to environment more than anything else. These days you can find metal straws in silver, gold, rose gold and even rainbow.


One surprising fact about using Reusable Metal straws is that these are so powerful and steady, that you can directly insert them in an orange and drink juice! How fun is that? Bet no plastic straw can equal that. But besides this cool feature, there are a lot of reasons why you should opt for metal straws. Some of them as follows:



Good for the Environment

We all know that the earth is facing so many problems because of our carelessness and use of plastic to pollute the earth. Now that some of this has gained awareness, the trend of plastic straws is disappearing, and metal straws are taking its place. Not only are they non-decomposable, their production gives birth to numerous carcinogens and neurotoxic chemicals that mix with the atmosphere.

Teaching our future generation, the importance of taking care of the environment is very important; and we can do that by telling the replacement for things that are toxic e.g. metal straws instead of plastic straws. Stainless steel straws are reusable and can literally last for ages if you clean them and store them properly. Stainless steel is known for its healthy use because of no leaching of chemicals and zero interaction with the liquid you are consuming.


Safe to Use

Contrasting to plastic straws, metal straws are far healthier and safer to use. These are BPA free, and are free of any harmful chemicals that might mix up with the liquid you are drinking and be injected into your bloodstream. BPA stands for Bisphenol A which is an industrial chemical commonly found in production sites of certain plastics and resin. Reusable metal straws save you from any worries and health concerns that plastic straws might give you.


Temperature Absorbent

One of the best feature of reusable metal straws and the reason behind its popularity is their bling and their temperature absorbing capability. The metal straws stay cold in a glass of lemonade in summer and warm for chocolate milk in winters which keeps your drink cold or warm just the way you like it. Steel retains the temperature of your drink and prevents it from melting down, so you don’t have to gulp your drink down hurriedly. The straws are becoming more and more famous among people every day, even the celebrities have shifted to metal straws instead of plastic.



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