The Professional Duties and Earnings of Anaesthesiologists


An anaesthetist is a medical doctor who is in charge of keeping a patient comfortable during a surgical procedure. This involves making them safe and pain free by giving them the right dose of anaesthesia. This might seem like a simple task, but this profession requires accuracy, vigilance and precision at its best. Throughout a surgery, the anaesthesiologist will stand alongside the patient to measure their stability and for any possible reaction of the anaesthesia.


What does an Anaesthesiologist do?

Now that we have a basic idea about who anaesthesiologists are, we can know about what they do and how they do it. Any patient before any of their surgery is testes and prepared to be medically fit in terms of anaesthesia testing. After these measures, the anaesthesiologist drugs and administers the surgery of a patient.

Most people are confused at the idea of an anaesthetist’s job while a surgical procedure. The thing is, a patient when injected with anaesthesia drifts off into unconsciousness to avoid pain and complications during surgery. During the surgery, the patient can still experience blood pressure irregularities, heart rhythm, change in temperature, lack of oxygen in blood etc. Anaesthetists monitor each and every breath of the patient to measure they are getting the right amount of oxygen and are exhaling the correct amount of Carbon dioxide. Even the legs of a patient should not be crossed during an operation, as it can cause nerve damage.

Anaesthetists form the largest category of medical doctors in the medical department whether in any location or collectively in the world. This is because the aesthetic care of a patient is important for every surgical procedure, even if it involves the surgery of a leg. Anaesthetists are professionals who can handle all surgeries; from adults to kids to old patients and even premature babies. We can list their main duties as following:

  • For critical patients, they can provide intensive care medicine.
  • Preparation of patients before a surgery.
  • Stabilisation of patients in Emergency rooms.
  • For expecting mothers, Anaesthetist can provide relief from labour pain.
  • Acute Pain medicine post-surgery


What is the Average Anaesthesiologist’s Salary?

As one of the most respected and popular professions around the world, the anaesthesiologists are working hard but not for nothing. They have one of the top-paying employment standings, but as all other jobs, the experience, company, and degree of work affects the salary of anaesthetists.  In specialty hospitals, anaesthesiologists are known to earn an annual salary of $200,000 and above. Whereas anaesthesiologists in dental offices earn up to $300,00. With physicians it goes up to $ 280,000 and with private or home health services it is almost $250,000 a year.200

When comparing the average salary of anaesthesiologist to other popular and highly regarded jobs, the anaesthetists have been estimated to earn a salary of $280,000 annually. Compared to them, other medical doctors such as physicians made $200,000, Dentists earn $180,000 a year. So, when it comes to choosing a profession in the medical field, anaesthesiology is a domain which can never go out of business but will only grow with time.


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