The Best Tips for Maintaining Your Interlock Driveway

If you have an interlock driveway and want to ensure that it remains in its top condition, you have come to the right place. This post shares the best tips for maintaining a driveway interlock. Interlocking stones tend to aesthetically and practically rewarding. With the contrasting temperatures of Ontario, it makes sense to opt for interlock and concrete polishing. The stone pavers tend to be very easy to install and are available in various designs and sizes. Thus, creating the ultimate driveway is possible with interlock. The following tips will help you keep your interlock driveway in optimal condition.

  1. Cleaning

To remove dirt that has accumulated on the driveway due to traffic and air pollution, it is best that you use a broom and some water. You will need to add some detergent to deal with a harder coating. Cleaning the interlock driveway is highly rewarding and does not take much time. You can easily do it on the weekend.

  1. Fill Joints

An integral part of the ground stone is the joint. It is vital that it is always filled so that you can continue to use the interlock driveway. By filling the joints, you get to make sure that the surface does not become unstable. A well-stocked joint also helps prevent weeds from getting attached. Some of the joint material can get removed by the wind and weather. Hence, you need to fill the joints with joint sand. The recommended grain size that you should get is 0-2 mm.

  1. Remove Algae, Mushrooms, Moss

It is possible for the stone of the interlocking driveway to get a coating of moss, fungi, or algae. To remove the coating, you can use a 10% ammonia solution, 1:1 chlorine solution, weed poison, or a specific formula.

  1. Oil

To remove oil stands, you can use hot water and scouring agents. It is also good to use different types of degreasing agents. If there are any fresh oil stains, you can make use of sawdust, cloth, or paper to suck it up. However, there is no need to worry about the oil as it does not damage the stone.

  1. Paint

If there is paint on the interlocking driveway, you can soak it with a cloth. Then, you can cover the surface with sawdust in approx. As for water-based paint, you can simply use water to clean it up. It should barely take any time to remove it.

  1. Rust Spots

As for rust stain spots, you can remove them with brush washing. It is a simple and easy way for you to remove rust stain spots. You will be blown away by the results of this simple trick.

  1. Weeds

Finally, there is always a risk of weeds. To combat weeds, there are certain methods that you can use. For smaller surfaces, it is best to opt for mechanical cleaning. You can burn larger areas with LPG.



Take advantage of the tips mentioned in this post to keep your interlocking driveway in the best condition. You can always hire an interlocking driveway installation company such as Action Home Services to help you deal with the maintenance.


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