The best dishes of South Korea’s cuisine

Korean cuisine has truly become part of a lifestyle. Movies like Parasite and Squid Game have popularized their food. It is so varied that you can find dishes with squid, whether stewed, battered, with rice or ink. In addition to other foods such as beef noodles that are very similar to ramen and the famous sugar cookies called Dalgona or sweet plum tea, which by the way is delicious.

The Korean recipe book turns out to be so varied, rich in flavors and very healthy. It is not strange that some avant-garde kitchen businesses in this beautiful country have not adapted to the menus of these creations. The same is true, globally, with international Korean food restaurants.


It is not a common dish, but an accompaniment. It is so attractive that restaurants in Korea serve them before you arrive or order your dish. Kimchi is a Korean plant-based fermented food that has been consumed for about 250 years. Around that time, the chilies had reached the Sea of ​​Japan and their unique attitude gave the dishes a unique flavor.

Traditional Kimchi recipes are made with cabbage and radishes, which also aid digestion, but nowadays all vegetables are fermented. And Kimchi can be made with any vegetable or fruit, botanicals like strawberry, but Chinese cabbage is more typical. Fermenting vegetables in a particular marinade, or several, soaks all the ingredients so they can be stored in the refrigerator for months or years. This makes it like wine, the older, the more divine.


It is probably the most eloquent Korean dish, no wonder. Its success is such that it can be found in restaurants in the Midwest. Originally from the south, bibimbap means “mixed rice” and is precisely a basic serving of rice and vegetables with tartare, pork or beef, to which Korean chili powder and soybean oil are added. To complete the presentation, we recommend serving a fried or raw egg on top of the rest of the meal. And of course, mix it all up! The taste that appears in your mouth is sure to become your favorite.

korean barbecue

We will not lie to you if we assure you that this is one of those proposals. Korea is not only one of the best culinary talents, but also one of the most interesting. In addition to being delicious, all the gadgets created in its preparation are very interesting. Tell me: Restaurants that serve it often have tables with central grills, sometimes charcoal-fired, with extraction tubes suspended from the walls.

After your requested meat is served, the staff will prepare it in front of you and finish it to your liking on the special grill. Jeju black pork barbecue, which is endemic to the Korean peninsula, tends to be more successful. A flavor very similar to that of our Iberian pig will keep you licking your fingers until you get home.

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