The basics of Korean beauty

It’s no secret that Korean women today pride themselves on having some of the best skincare professionals who are most enviable. South Korea is a country known for its knowledge of cosmetics and a great way to create flawless skin using 100% natural ingredients.  Koreans avoid this practice, unlike Westerners, who sunbathe and spend their peak hours in the sun.

The Korean beauty routine was born after the introduction of BB cream in 2011 when the product was recommended to combine makeup and skincare simultaneously. The reason for the success of the K beauty ceremony is derived from the Eastern philosophy of women’s beauty.


Secrets of Korean Beauty

First, disassemble your eyes. Let the makeup remover act for a few seconds to allow the product to act, but avoid rubbing with cotton (this can cause wrinkles).

Use a cleansing oil to cover the rest of your face. Apply directly to the dry face with upward circular motions. This oil softens the residues of makeup, sun protection, and sebum and is recommended for oily skin.

Peel is always an option. This process softens the dirt accumulating in the clogged pores and removes dead skin cells. It improves its texture, brightens the complexion, and helps absorb the products you apply later.  Exfoliate twice a week, paying particular attention to the pores of the nose and cheeks. Remember to rub your lips to keep them soft.

Essences are at the core of Koreans’ relaxing skincare routine. It moisturizes the skin and accelerates cell regeneration. On the other hand, blisters have a slightly thicker texture and are used to treat and treat specific skin problems. It can help lighten skin tone, dark spots, and smooth fine lines.

We have the thinnest and thinnest facial skin around the eyes. Regular topical application of a thickening cream can help control dark circles, puffiness, and crow’s feet. Press the opening of the groove with your little finger. Do not rub the product.

Sun protection during the day is the most critical factor. Koreans protect and maintain their healthy and beautiful skin by protecting it from the sun. Proper skin care requires 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening.  It’s about adopting a new routine, rejuvenating, and nourishing your face.


Where can I find what I need for my daily Korean beauty routine?

These traditions have become very popular for Western women who want to achieve the radiant appearance of Korean women. If we maintain our skin cleanliness and cell renewal level, time will slow down, and our skin will look younger and younger.

Korean beauty products are often inspired by nature and usually focus on skincare to achieve desired results over time.

There are endless places to find these products and recommendations for an excellent daily routine. But there is nothing better than going to a secure website to find a beauty shop near me.


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