The 5 best VPNs in 2019

For someone who uses VPN, you must know how difficult it must be to find the right VPN that suits your needs, right? Everyone has their own needs and wants, and not all requirements can be fulfilled by each VPN. This is exactly why you need to know what needs each VPN serves. To make life easier for you, here is a list of the 5 best VPNs of 2019. This list has been based on VPN reviews, and along with that the pros and cons of using each VPN have also been listed down for you. This list will allow you to use the best VPNs according to recommendations of other people.

  1. Nord VPN:

Nord VPN is the most popular VPN of 2019, due to various reasons that involve its features mostly.  The most attractive feature of Nord VPN is that it bypasses the trickiest of blocks and allows you to access Netflix USA. To add to the benefits, it also allows you to use other streaming services like HBO Go and BBC iPlayer. Moreover, it has awesome privacy features as well!

  1. Express VPN:

Express VPN really does live by its name! It is easy and fast to set it up, and along with that it will help in increasing the speed, which is a rare quality for VPNs to have! The speed quality outshines all other VPNs in the network market. It is also accessible in areas that have high censorship like China. All of these benefits are available in affordable packages!

  1. Cyber Ghost:

As the name suggests, it is a zero-logs VPN that requires minimal information regarding you, and it has advanced privacy features for its users. For people who are worried about privacy while using VPNs, Cyber Ghost will be your partner! The only thing that it does check is that how many people are connected to ensure high performance. There are numerous pay plans available for people, and the prices decrease with monthly plans, making it a lot easier for users to pay.

  1. Ultra VPN:

If you are looking for something that is quick, easy to use, affordable, and fast, Ultra VPN is your ultimate choice! You can try using it even if you are a new user. It can be used on your mobile devices as well as your laptops. In addition, the privacy is also ensured as no one can know who you are or from where you are using it. The connection will be fast with zero waiting time.

  1. Hide Me:

Hide Me is popular for the speed it offers, the security it provides, and the transparency it guarantees. The logging details are not kept, due to which the VPN becomes more reliable than other VPNs. There is a 15 day free trial after which you can avail the services if you think the VPN meets your criteria. It has 160+ servers across 34 countries, which means you can access most of the material!===


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