The 4 Best Labrador Toys

Do you have a Labrador? Are you looking for the best Labrador toys? Then, you are in luck because this post looks at the best dog toys for Labradors. The thing about Labradors is that they love playing with dog toys. Labs are playful by nature and love to have a toy. If you are wondering what to get your Labrador, there is nothing to worry about because there are many different options for them. Labs are a breed that likes to dig, chew, carry, and fetch as they are full of energy. It is important that you consider your lab before choosing a toy because not every lab is alike. Some rip apart a toy within in two minutes, while others carry their toy around like a baby. The following Labrador toys are just what your Labrador needs.

  1. The Kong Extreme

When it comes to Labradors, the Kong Extreme is the perfect toy. It makes for an excellent chew toy. The shape of the Kong Extreme is something that all Labs love. However, it has a tough and durable material to ensure that your Labrador does not rip it apart. This toy lets you fill it up with treats such as chocolate, peanut butter, or just any other dog food. Thus, your dog would remain busy munching on it. If you are busy and want to ensure that your Labrador is entertained, you need to get it the Kong Extreme.

  1. The Hurley Toy Bone

Dogs love bones. This is why you need to consider getting your Labrador a Hurley toy bone. It is a great chew toy that will keep your dog occupied. The Hurley toy bone is designed to be tough. No matter how many times your lab chews on it, the bone will remain in perfect condition. The bone is made to be durable. Moreover, when you get the Hurley toy bone for your Labrador, you have nothing to worry about as it has been carefully manufactured and is completely safe for your lab to chew on.

  1. The Flossy Rope

Another great option for your Labrador is the flossy rope. The most common is the three know flossy rope toy which has cotton blend made for chewing. It is available in a wide range of sizes. If you have an average-sized lab, then, you should get a large one. The extra large option is ideal for strong and big Labs. The flossy rope is not just a fun tugging toy, but the rope is designed to floss teeth as your dog chews on it.

  1. Heavyweight Chew Toy

Finally, the heavyweight chew toy is a favorite among Labradors. It is made entirely of rubber and is an excellent choice for strong bites. If you have a keen chewing Lab, then, you should get a heavyweight chew toy. It is durable and extremely fun for Labradors.



Labradors love to try out new toys. The best Labrador toys mentioned in this post will get your Lab excited to play.


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