Reasons to Fall in Love With Personality Test

Personality tests have turned out to be major craze in modern times. It seems hardly a second where you cannot be part of a personality test and figure out the kind of personality you possess. If you are like most of them, you could end up enjoying personality assessment quizzes, though such exercise could turn out to be a source of distraction in the midst of a tedious day. In the midst of this it turns out to be a better way where you are able to understand yourself a lot better. In a way you are able to find out who you really are.

The benefits of personality tests

Once you are aware of personality test it could be of help. Once you take the MBTI and have a better understanding of the perceptions on people are going to react as far as the same situations are concerned. All of us have a different way of seeing and interacting in the world. No personality type is different from the other, it is just a variation. In fact it goes on to bring a new variation on to the table.

People often end up with the perception that others also share the same attitudes, opinions or thought process as you, but it does not have to be that ways always. To highlight your own preferences and not being able to have an eye on what others process could be an eye opener for many.

Once you are able to figure out your core personality traits along with the people around you would help you in close relationships. For example if you are extrovert and your partner is an introvert you will be able to figure out whether your partner is getting exhausted and has to take a break by socializing. Once you are aware of each other’s personality traits you might be able to respond better to the needs of the people and foster strong relationships.

You are able to figure out your likes along with dislikes

Sometimes you might have hated to talk on the phone and not been able to understand the reasons. It could be that you might need extra amount of time to arrive at a decision. By focussing more on the introvert extrovert situation you will be able to figure out what are your likes along with dislikes. This could come in handy when you need to make important decisions that could have a major impact in the course of your life, such as choosing a major college.

You can figure out the strengths and weakness

Be aware of the traits that you specialize in a wide variety of situations. For example you could be running for a college seat. For example if you happen to be an introvert, judging, thinking on MBTI, you can consider certain aspects of your personality might qualify as strengths along with grey areas in others. Your strong organizational skills along with detail oriented personality could be a major strength at your work it could sometimes help you overcome situations where other people could take the reins.

You can figure out the situations where you are able to perform your best

Being aware of your personality type helps you to outline new approaches when you are solving problems. If you feel that you are high on the introversion aspect, you would like to give yourself a lot of time when you are planning to get introduced to a co- worker. This can help you cope up with stress, address potential conflicts on the work front and manage your work habits in a better way.

Take into consideration that personality tests have their limitations

Being aware of your personality type is not the end of the road. Personality tests could be fun, engaging and informative. In spite of being aware of the benefits of a personality test the results should not be taken a lot seriously

  • A personality test is not going to outline whether you might be successful at a particular job or career- By opting for a personality test it helps you determine on what appeals to you, but there exists a major difference on what you are doing and what you enjoy. A personality test might reveal that you might be a great accountant but you could find the work to be unfulfilling and boring.
  • If you focus too much on your personality type it could prevent authentic relationships with others- clicking fast on to other ideas would make it easy for people to reject the same ideas as you end up possessing. Though they could be having different approaches, but you can end up learning a lot from them. If you exclude certain people from your life it could lead to a restricted social circle and only reinforces the ideas that you already go on to be holding. Even if it could cause a damp squib on your love life as you might not provide others an opportunity to express their views.
  • Clinging to ideas on what you are and what not and not willing to be trying new stuff- for example an extrovert could go on to reject things that could be termed as quiet activities. This could lead to a situation where they enjoy experiences. Even you could end up missing out on interesting experiences as the people might not share the same view as yours. Do not try to discard various aspects of your personality or do not label anyone as stereotype.

Personality tests found on the online platform could be fun and provoking. A key aspect is not too hung up too much on the results. Do take into consideration that researchers have found out have overall personalities are stable over a period of time our lives do not seem to be static. Once we grow and learn new things our experiences are bound to change and researches are of the opinion that our personality does undergo a change.


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