Oglebay Festival of Lights Review

Oglebay Lights is one of the fanciest and most comprehensive light shows done during holidays in Wheeling, West Virginia. With millions of lights in different colors that are lighted at the same time, the Oglebay Festival of Lights attracts more than one million tourists annually.

The light show covers around 121 hectares. When you are in Pittsburgh, you can reach the area in just one hour of driving. It is perfect for visiting the Oglebay Lights festival on Christmas eve. The blinking lights will bring happiness to your soul. You can also stay in the area overnight. You can book a room in the area for a very low rate.

What is Done at the Festival? For Whom it is Intended to?

The Oglebay Festival of Lights is done at the Oglebay Resort. More than 121 miles of the said resort are surrounded by blinding lights. This holiday celebration features more than one million lights and 90 displays. The good thing about this event is that all lights used are power-efficient.

Among the 90 displays in the Oglebay Festival of Lights, some displays stand out. These include Willard the Snowman, the huge Polyhedron Star, The Twelve Days of Christmas, a Candy Cane Wreath, an animated Snowflake Tunnel, and the TV weatherman. They lighted the inaugural festival Willard Scott.

As you go on through the area, you will see a massive size of Christmas Tree Garden and the Nativity scene. You can visit these two premises for free. Aside from that, the area also features the elaborated holiday decorations available at Wilson Lodge and Mansion Museum.

Additional Information About the Festival

The Oglebay Festival of Lights is celebrated annually like other light festivals in the world. The light festival will take place from November 4, 2021, to January 9, 2022. One good thing about this event is that you can enjoy watching the blinking lights from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

Considering that the area is still under a pandemic, the organizers impose a set of safety protocols that must be followed by all visitors. You can join the crowd as long as you are wearing facemasks and follow the social distancing rule. Don’t worry since the area’s staff and coordinators know how to maintain the safety of their guests.

The festival takes place at the Oglebay Dr. Wheeling, WV 26003, United States. You can easily reach the area even though it is your first time joining the Oglebay Light Festival. If you are driving your car, you can turn on the GPS feature on your phone. You can also ask some of the locals in the area, and they will give you the exact direction.

You are free to witness the blinking lights in the Oglebay festival. But to help the coordinators continue the festival every year, a parking fee is collected, which is only 25 USD.

For less than 100 USD, you can book a hotel and enjoy the light festival all through the night.


The Oglebay Festival of Lights is one of the impressive events in the United States. Come and witness how the lights dance to impress your eyes.


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