Live Chats, And Their Blessing in E-Commerce Startups

Whenever you visit any website which has been made painstakingly, then you must have noticed a small ticker on the bottom corners of the page. That is a live chat option. Why do we need a live chat option on a website, you may ask? The answer could not be any simpler. To answer queries of customers. The generic customer queries are solved by the chatbot itself, and for more difficult and advanced questions, the chatbot may redirect all the questions to any customer service official who can answer the questions which the consumer might have regarding any product or any service.

Who does not like to feel special? And that is primarily the idea behind having a live chat option on every single website. The consumers may feel welcomed, and that, according to reports, yields a larger influx of traffic into the website. Most websites have a sort of an auto greeting pop-up, which a lot of consumers find very mechanical and cold, but when it comes to live chat options, people can feel that the website cares for their customers, even if it is a bot that is chatting with them the entire duration of the conversation. The live chat option also caters to a large number of people who feel uneasy to talk over the phone to anybody and would prefer communicating through messages or emails. This is another very small, yet significant reason why people prefer chatbots like Bet365 live chat and virgin media live chat.


To know more about these live chat options which we think you should check out:

 1. Bet365 live chat: as most of you would know, bet365 is an online betting website based in the United Kingdom, and it is reported to have the quickest customer service that quite a lot of people prefer. Bet365 live chat also allows the users to have the best experience while anybody chats to the chatbot via the live chat option. Their round the clock feature not only enhances the user experience, but also proves very efficient and useful in reporting bugs and problems of any kind. The customer care officials are known to support the consumers in case of any problem, however minor it may seem. This includes offers, accounts, promotion and any other thing pertaining to the website.

2. Virgin media live chat: this is also a Britain-based company which is reported to have one of the best live chat options on the website. The customer service professionals not only cater to the customers’ various needs and queries but also make you feel at home while chatting with you. Since it is a telecommunication brand, thus, their module is obviously improvised with a lot of other quirks and perks. A unique feature about the virgin media live chat has to be the fact that their live chat option comes right in the middle of the page, as opposed to the other websites, who have it in the bottom. The reason being, a lot of people miss out on the live chat option.


To Conclude

We hope you could get any sort of help from the article above and got useful insights about why it is necessary to have a live chat option on any certain website.


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