Latest trends for Web Designing in 2019

In older days, web designing was all about creating traditional designs and making simple web pages. The designs were easy to copy, and almost everyone would follow course. There was little to no room for experimentation, and the web designers didn’t know there were ways to improve the user experience. As the users became more up to date with web designing, and required the latest technology to be incorporated, the web designers had to innovate and bring in new ideas, otherwise we would have stayed on static web pages that just stared at us. As we updated, web pages became more dynamic, and web designing became an art.

Designers must always be open to change, as you must evolve with time, to be able to meet the needs of the users. As a designer, you should know what trends are the latest and will continue in 2019:

  1. Black and White colors:

The color of the website is one of the most important aspects. The color says a lot about the website, and may even have an intent behind it. The color that has been used could even help in mapping the brand’s identity onto the consumer’s mind. Black and white are expected to be the colors of 2019, as the color black will indicate towards strength, and the color white when combined with black brings about a classy look. If you want to add more color, you can do that by throwing in a third color to the palette.

  1. Minimalism:

Minimalism is a trend that is expected to stay around in 2019 as well. The aim behind this trend is that it will allow the users to find whatever they are looking for as soon as possible. This trend will eliminate all the unnecessary elements and allow you to reach the content that you were looking for. It has larger whitespace and contrasts, which allow you remove the distractions that might be there. You can now navigate easily through the website.

  1. Videos that are full-screen:

Full-screen videos are about to gain popularity in 2019. These videos will be informative ones and will bring ease for the users as well. The users will not have to look for the information while they scroll through the web page as complete information will be available as one single video. The web designers now have ways to include videos without making a compromise on the speed of the website.

Many people still think that designers don’t know coding, and that developers are not good at designing. There are numerous designers that are experts coding languages like CSS as well.  Web design Geelong is one such example. More and more designers are now designing their web pages by making use of coding languages. They do so as it helps them in bringing about the best product for the customers. Many designers have invented designing tools that allow them to design great websites while using their coding knowledge. Framer X is one such example.


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