How to use audio transcription services for improving brand awareness

Audio and video transcripts can enhance content marketing and SEO efforts. If you can use audio transcription services while interpreting media files, webinars, podcasts, and videos, you will see prominent SEO benefits very soon. Transcription can enhance the indexing and searchability of multiple audio-visual contents by the search engines. Another important benefit of the audio transcription services is, it improves the accessibility of the content for those having visual and hearing problems. They can access the audio-visual content in a much better way with the help of transcripts.

The transcripts can be repurposed into slide presentations, news articles, and other social media posts. If used properly, audio transcription can play a vital role in the growth of your business. It can complement the marketing efforts and you will be able to reach more people without spending a lot of money. Here are some of the ways of using online transcription services for day to day requirements.


Content creation with inbound marketing campaigns

Inbound marketing includes creating content that will resonate well with the audience. It is important to improve brand awareness, generate leads and nurture the audience so that the potential leads can transform into customers. Every individual that interacts with your brand is at a different stage of the buying process. Thus, you need to create content that will resonate well with the audience at a particular stage.

Create different types of content for informing and inspiring the readers and then lead them down to the next stage of the sales process. Right from the eBooks to the blog posts, videos, and social media posts every content can be used for the marketing campaigns. However, creating content sometimes become time-consuming and expensive if you are a novice content creator and transcriber. Thus, it is imperative to get in touch with professionals where you will avail impeccable online transcription services.


Scale up the content creation using transcription

If you are already producing an audio or video content for the audience, for instance, YouTube or podcasts, then you can transcribe and repurpose them in other forms of the content. Audio and video contents are excellent ways of interacting with customers. You can make presentations and interact with your viewers on different social media channels. However, not everyone might not have the chance to check out your videos. When you post a video on YouTube or on Facebook, then connecting to more people could be difficult. Here is where the advantage of professional online transcription services come in.

The professional transcribers will transcribe your videos and then repurpose them to various contents that include articles, blog posts, newsletters, and eBooks. Repurposing and then distributing the content on different social media channels will enhance the lead generation efforts. For instance, you can use the eBooks as lead magnets and newsletters for nurturing the existing subscribers.


Driving more traffic to the online properties

The professional online transcription services can help you in generating more traffic by transcribing audio and video content. Search engine spiders make use of intelligent algorithms for ranking different content on the internet. When a user types certain keywords or phrases, the web-crawlers or search engine spiders list numerous URLs on the results page according to the relevance of the queries. Your audio or video podcast might have the information on the topic that your audience is interested in.

But, if the information is not in text format, the web-crawlers will not recognize the content and it will not be indexed by the search engines. To make sure that the audio or video content reaches a maximum number of your target audience, it is imperative to get the content transcribed. Then you can format the transcribed content into article or blog form and then post them on your blog for attracting organic traffic. You can go one step ahead by putting the lead magnets on the content. This will get your visitors to opt into the email list.


Increasing engagement with your audience

Engaging with your audience will help in breaking the ice when you think it is time to ask for a sale. An audience that trusts you would want to engage with your brand. This is extremely important in achieving sales objectives. You can repurpose the transcription content and use the snippets of it for driving your audience from one online sector to another. For instance, you can try sharing the text snippets of a transcribed webinar on Twitter for encouraging your followers for watching the while recorded content on your website. Before watching, simply ask them to sign up for your newsletter. Sharing content snippets will help you in generating more targeted leads to your email list without spending any additional acquisition costs.



A transcripted content is easier for the search engines to index. It will drive traffic to the website. Thus, it becomes easier for internet users to find what they are actually looking for. The users can type the keyword that they are targeting and find the information that they need. Online transcription services will make this whole process smoother and easier. With an interactive transcript, the users can just click on a word and then the video will instantly jump into the topic.

According to a study by MIT OpenCourseWare, more than 97% of students benefitted from an interactive transcript. It enhanced their learning process and experience. It can be useful for the entrepreneurs as well. The websites comprising a lot of video content, they can opt for the interactive transcription services. This will help their target audience to search through the video library for a specific topic. Thus, there is no doubt that transcribing videos for website content and marketing campaigns will enhance the overall customer satisfaction with different businesses.


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