How to Choose Your Career Path in Marketing?

When we are in high school or are about to enter college, we are often unsure about which career path to take. Unlike in the past, there are just so many career paths that are available. It can often get overwhelming to choose a single career path. However, there is a career path which is interesting and challenging at the same time. That path is marketing.


What is marketing?

Marketing is a subject that is often taught at University and it is also offered as a major in most business schools. It is the study of the market and how to effectively sell products by understanding the market and consumer psychology. Some of the most famous marketers have gone on to becoming CEOs of companies and running major enterprises. After all, it is the marketer that sells the business product effectively. Even with a perfect product, a business would fail to sell it without a marketer.

Marketing consulting professionals earn up to 6-digit figures a year. It is a challenging, yet rewarding career path and it might be just the one for you.

Now, if you want to figure out whether marketing is what you want to do, the following can be done.


Pinpoint Your Niche

When you first enter university, you might be unsure about what you want to study or what you are passionate about. Some students start out with English literature and end up studying Law. That is why, it is important to study various subjects when in junior year at university. It will help you find yourself and decide what you want to pursue in life.

Try out subjects which are completely different from what you are doing. In this case, if you are interested in marketing, then it is vital to take up different marketing-related subjects such as consumer behavior, marketing analytics, digital marketing and so on. These subjects will help prepare you for a career in marketing.

You can also play it same for majoring in more than one subject. Some of the popular options these days include Computer Science and Marketing, Marketing and Law, English Literature and Marketing, and so on.



The best way to make it in the world of marketing is by doing internships. Each year, during the summer, many big multinationals offer internship opportunities. These opportunities are not only available for fresh graduates, but for also students. Make sure to give interning in marketing a try to get a hands-on experience with marketing. Besides, who knows, it could even lead to a permanent position in the future or to a better job.



When deciding which career to get into, networking comes in handy. There are many networking events that take place in different cities. One can attend these events to meet with the professionals and figure out which marketing position suits them best.

Networking has many benefits. It is educational and offers many job opportunities at the same time. Therefore, make sure to give it a try.


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