How to Celebrate Canada Day This Year

When Canada Day falls on a Friday such as this year, the long weekend is looked forward to by many. It’s a great opportunity to blow off some steam, get out of town, and have some awesome family fun. So what are some of the best ways to celebrate Canada Day and enjoy the summer weather? Keep on reading to find out!


What’s Canada Day without the fireworks? Although many safety precautions should be followed if you are choosing to go this route, fireworks are a classic way to light up the night and celebrate. There are often designated fireworks shows in different Canadian towns, cities, and communities. These are professionally orchestrated so safety is less of a concern. If you and your cohorts are planning to celebrate Canada Day with fireworks of your own, be smart and safe about it! Never light them up where people are too close or without properly securing them, always ensure that children and animals are in a safe place, and – though it should go without saying – never light fireworks after drinking alcohol!


Go To the Water

If you don’t live near a lake, river, or another type of safe swimming area, the Canada Day holiday is a great opportunity to pack your bags and head to the water. Whether or not the weather cooperates, you could find yourself making memories that last a lifetime. Canada has no shortage of beautiful waterfronts, whatever area you’re in. Look up a Provincial or National Park and plan your trip accordingly.

Put on your swimsuit and enjoy a lake that isn’t covered in ice. If you’re bringing kids, pack floaties and some water guns. Take the opportunity to learn about the local ecosystem and enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation as you contemplate the beautiful water.


Enjoy Some Festivities

Although nobody wants to talk about the last couple of years, there’s no denying that this summer is bound to be one for the books. There are endless Canada Day celebrations to take part in, from local events to massive concerts and festivals. Whether cultural learning or rowdy country music is more your thing, there is sure to be something for everyone on the local events calendar.

Go ahead and Google what local festivities are taking place: there could be ceremonies in the park, free outdoor concerts, pancake breakfasts, firework shows, parades, and more. Tune into your favourite local radio station to see what’s going on where you live, and prepare to have a blast!


Arts, Crafts, and History

If crowds aren’t your thing and you don’t want to head out to the National Parks, take some time out of your day to learn! Crack open a cold one and turn on a good podcast about Canada’s history and what brought us to this long weekend. If you’re looking for family activities, do some arts and crafts that are relevant to the holiday. Listen to some great Canadian music or enjoy classic Canadian literature. There are endless ways to take some time to relax and enjoy Canadian culture over the long weekend – maybe even make some poutine!

Have a BBQ!

Our favourite way to celebrate any occasion – have a BBQ! Invite your family and friends over or go without the company. Firing up the grill is a sure way to enjoy yourself over the long weekend. Take some extra time to plan your meal and grill a few different courses. Start in the afternoon and grill on into the evening! Get your favourite snacks and beverages ready and relax, enjoying the refreshing feeling of being able to cook outside without worrying about freezing anything.

You wanted to be sure that you got good use out of that beautiful patio furniture, right? Well, this long weekend is the perfect opportunity to go for it! In fact, why not decorate and enjoy the ambiance? Celebrate late into the evening in the comfort of your own backyard and enjoy the opportunity to get together with your friends and family.


Remember to Enjoy Yourself

No matter how you choose to celebrate some time off from the grind, the important thing is to enjoy yourself. In a culture where everyone is constantly working and hustling, it can be a challenge to take some time off. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by: whether you are working, heading out of town, staying in or getting loud, this Canada Day you are sure to find something to celebrate if only you take the time to.


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