How To Become A Locksmith

It’s difficult to choose what you want to become when there are so many fields out there. However, if you want to become a locksmith and you are interested in it then I would suggest you to do your research properly as becoming a locksmith requires a lot of research. Becoming a locksmith takes time and patience and many of the locksmiths do not offer their services 24-hours. However, if you are living in Ottawa, then consider yourself lucky. Capital locksmith is a locksmith company which offers its services 24-hours!

You need to know about the tools used in this profession and the latest technology that is out there in this profession. In this article, I have put together an expert guide on how to be a good locksmith and everything you need to know before starting your career as a locksmith.


It takes approximately three to four years in order to become a good locksmith even if you take a five-day training course. You are continuously training and you need to be updated regarding the new products that are being launched in the locksmith industry and standard changes such as lock standards.

Fastest way to become a locksmith:

The fastest way is by attending a locksmith beginner course. In this course, you learn about the basics of locksmith such as cutting keys, how to set up key machines and also opening and fitting locks. With these basics, you can easily do anything with a lock.


There are certain things you need to consider such as the location. Will you consider working in your area or are you going to concentrate on working in a specific area? Is the area you are currently working in rich or has a high crime rate? How many locksmiths are in that area and are there certain locksmiths who have a lot of experience than you have? These are some of the certain things you need to keep in mind before setting up a locksmith business of your own. Ask these questions to yourself. If you have all the right answers, then you are good to go!

Average salary:

The average salary of a trainee locksmith is about sixteen thousand pounds. The average salary of an experienced locksmith is around twenty to twenty-five thousand pounds and the average salary of a highly experienced locksmith is about thirty thousand pounds.

Working hours:

Working hour depends on you, you can either work for a certain period of time or you can offer your services like a good locksmith for twenty-four hours’.

Startup cost:

Beginners course has variations. There are also one day courses which are being offered for £295 to a five-day course which is being offered for £1525. Additional cost includes tools such as cutting key machines, drills and screw drivers. Stock such as locks and hinges. Petrol cost for getting to jobs.

A pro tip for you is that go and have a chat with your local locksmiths and see if anyone is willing to retire or end his business in the near future. You can make a deal with them where they can train you up, you can buy equipment from them and eventually you will have a business which already has a customer base!


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