Hair Loss; What Are My Options To Get Them Back?

Most men and women undergo premature baldness and hair loss. If you have been experiencing premature hair loss, or facing issues like receding hairlines, thinning of hair or patches of baldness. Then you might want to spontaneously start a treatment to completely stop balding, improve your hair’s health or undergo a treatment to regrow your hair back. If you are thinking what are your options then let’s get into it immediately.

What are you options after Hair loss?

Over the years the field of dermatology has achieved great milestones in the capacity of fixing hair loss problems permanently. Some of the most viable and successful treatments have been explained below.


OTC drugs:

One of the first approaches to reduce and slow down the process of your hair loss is to consider having OTC and prescription drugs. Two of the most successful FDA approved drugs in this capacity are

  • Minoxidil (Rogaine)
  • Finasteride (Proscar, Propecia)

You can buy Minoxidil over the counter from any drug store. It is available in the form of a liquid/foam that you need to apply to your scalp in order to prevent hair loss. Finasteride on the other hand can only be available on prescription. Both of these drugs are effective in reducing and preventing hair loss.

Hair Transplants:

Hair transplant is one of the most effective yet costly treatments to permanently treat issues of Hair loss. The procedure involves the implantation of young hair follicles from a donor site to the site of recession or hair loss. The process is carried out by trained professionals under the use of a local anesthesia.

The process is slightly painful and usually leads to slight bruising and swelling at the site of transplant after the procedure has ended. However, this is the most effective ways to tackle issues like hair loss. There are two kinds of procedures namely

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
  • Follicular Unit transplantation (FUT)

FUE involves the extraction of hair follicles directly from the scalp followed by the transplantation, while FUT involves the removal of a thin layer of skin from the donor site, removal of hair follicle, followed by the transplantation process. There are some great options available for Hair Transplant in NYC. It is always advised to thoroughly research beforehand for efficient results.

Laser treatment:

Laser treatment involves the retardation of inflammation with the help of Low light laser therapy or LLLT in the hair follicles which causes hair loss. However, the results are debatable since more research is being carried out in this particular capacity.

Improving your Life-Style:

Apart from the abovementioned treatments you can also improve your life style by practicing healthier rituals and including a healthier set of nutrition in your diet. Some of the key changes and processes include

  • Scalp massage
  • Quit smoking
  • High protein diet
  • Iron rich foods
  • Omega-3 rich nutrition
  • Regular checkups with a dermatologist
  • Reduced stress with colouring for example

It is important to include sufficient and necessary nutrition in your diet and to practice a healthier lifestyle in order to prevent hair loss. Nonetheless, if you think that OTC meds and a healthier diet is not helping then you should definitely consult your dermatologist for further treatments in order to regain your hair and boost your self-confidence!


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