Gifts For The 17 Year Old Boy Who Loves Electronics Gadgets

A teenage boy turning 17 years old is reaching a stage that he is entering adulthood.  He is still at the developmental stage, physically and emotionally, to manhood.  Hence, the birthday gift for the 17 year old teen is one that helps him grow up to be a man and prepare him for the future.

Some teenage boys are into electronics gadget due to the current information age environment.  There is a wide array of tech and electronic items which will fascinate the teens and open them up to experiences, some which will help them further develop themselves for adulthood.

 Below are some suitable gifts for 17 year old boy who loves electronics gadgets. 

  • An electronic notebook that sends their notes to the cloud

It is important to have a backup of notes that he has jotted down at school and what better way to backup the handwritten notes to cloud, such as Google drive or Dropbox, so that he has a soft copy.  He will love a reusable electronics notebook, which does the backup for him, giving him a peace of mind. Most importantly, he can easily retrieve his notes anywhere with a connected device.

  • Wireless Microphone

Playing games online with friends for a virtual hangout is getting increasingly popular.  Friends can have friendly competition and bond at the same time.  Vlogging is also getting very popular as well, where teens love to document some interesting event in their life and share with their friends and followers.  Hence, presenting them a wireless microphone is a practical gift for teen boys who love gaming or vlogging.  Be sure to choose a microphone which can block out background noise.

  • Fitness Earbuds With Cord

Maintaining a healthy body is important, especially during his growing up years.  Buying him a gift which can motivate him or help him maintain his current fitness regime is worth considering – pair of fitness earbuds with cord.  A good pair of sweat-resistant buds, which stays snugly in his ears provides his favourite music to motivate the seventeen year old to stay fit in a fun way.

  • Advanced Air Purifier

Keeping the teenage boy’s environment clean and healthy is critical for his overall well-being.  One should not neglect the importance of the quality of air he breathes, especially when he spends a considerable amount of time indoors, to play online games with his friends, edit his videos for his vlog and does his homework.  Giving him an advanced air purifier not only purifies the air, but deodorises the air as well.

  • Wi-Fi Enabled Robot Vacuum Cleaner

With the same objective as buying him an advanced air purifier, to help the teenager ensuring that his environment is clean and healthy, giving him a wi-fi enable robot vacuum cleaner is a cool and functional gift.  This gift will be a great conversational starter for his guests and friends who visit his home, as they will be intrigued at this advanced vacuum cleaner which can be controlled via voice command or a mobile app.


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