Five Tips on Initiating Your Ghost Production Company

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A lot of people are coming to the idea of starting a business in the ghost production industry. This market has grown with the passage of time just because of the increase in competition of the music industry itself. Ghost production usually involves songs not created by the artist themselves. This is not a theft case, rather a legal agreement or you can say arrangement between the ghost producer and the artist. In return of the song, the ghost producer is given a fee or any other form of income.


Selling and Submitting Your Track

There are many platforms where you can now sell and submit your tracks easily. These can also get features at many platforms as well. If you are thinking of starting a ghost production company, there are some suggestions you should keep in mind:


  1. No Time Limitation

There are usually no time restrictions for writing and producing songs. You can take up as much time for this purpose as you want.


  1. Change and Creativity

Music is an ever-changing art and it evolves nearly every day. We have seen so many eras of music, and we will see that are yet to come. Music is an area which requires creativity, change and experimentation. We cannot listen to the same thing every day. For a good ghost production start-up, you need to produce unique, new and creative music to attract customers.


  1. Keep an Eye on the Billboard 100 and Spotify Top Lists

Pay careful attention on the top music tracks in the certified lists such as billboard etc. so that you can understand the most popular music taste and type of the time and then create an inspired music track.


  1. More Submissions, More Success Rate

Try to create more tracks than one and submit them as well. This is because most of the times, the client may or may not like your track. This can lead to problems for you, especially if you are a start-up ghost production company. Always produce more tracks so that you have more chances of it being sold.


  1. Professional Finishes

Remember to keep in mind that all tracks should be tested for their quality and should be refined with the best professional finishes to create the perfect track. If the professional finishing lacks, there are some chances that it creates problem for client causing trouble for you as well. The clients need to submit the tracks to labels, which is why they cannot afford bad quality ones.



Due to rising acceptance and popularity in people, ghost producing companies have grown rapidly over the past decade. In case you are seeking to become a ghost producer, you can set up your work online as well, and collaborate with other artists who are looking for opportunities. The business of ghost producing companies has grown and is growing consistently benefiting the music artists as well as us in the long run.



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